Monday, 10 December 2018

God's America - Merge With The Infinite - Worthless In Death - LP colour vinyl.

 USA version, last four copies from Deep Six Records USA.
GOD'S AMERICA from Las Vegas, NV bursts out brutal power-violence/grindcore mix with slow parts. they have obviously been influenced by the best bands of the genre Crossed Out, Infest, and Spazz. This is the first full length as follow up on the raging 10 song 7" on Baltimore’s awesome A389 Records and split 7"
A1 Apathetic Leash II 
A2 Nothing At All 
A3 Throes 
A4 Pallation Of Life Abuse 
A5 Sinkhole 
A6 Keep Waiting 
A7 A Minced Oath 
A8 Pete Rose 
A9 Famine In Uganda 
A10 No 
A11 Recent Studies 
A12 Worthless In Deth 
A13 4.2/1.8 
B1 Extinction 
B2 Trapped In The Gears 
B3 Repeating 
B4 Decomposition 
B5 Charred Remains 
B6 Wilderness Of Shitheads 
B7 Perpetrate/Regurgitate 
B8 Das Heilige 
B9 Regression 
B10 Japan Name Song 
B11 Acceptance 
B12 Quietus

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