Friday, 20 May 2011

Brain Killer - Every Actual State Is Corrupt - LP

BRAIN KILLER - Every Actual State Is Corrupt - LP
Here it is, BRAIN KILLER returns with their long awaited album. Sticking to their formula of fast America hardcore mixed with a heavy dose of noisy Japanese crust, this album now also includes a layer of UK peace punk. Nice gatefold jacket to boot.
TRACK LISTING:1. So Much Hate 2. Consumers 3. Breakout 4. Resist Control 5. Freedom? 6. The Cure
7. Crucify 8. What's Your Excuse? 9. No Escape 10. Bigger Problems 11. What Is Survival?

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Neo Cons - S/T - 7"

NEO CONS - S/T - 7"

Debut record for San Francisco’s NEO CONS featuring Jason from 86 MENTALITY. Six songs of piss and vinegar hardcore punk with heavy KBD sensibilities. I hear some ZERO BOYS and some early NEW BOMB TURKS –fantastic slab of wax.

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Culo - Military Trend - 7" ltd clear/black vinyl

CULO - Military Trend 7" ltd clear/black mix vinyl

repress of 200 on their 2nd 7" on clear/black mixed vinyl.
Clear/black mixed vinyl, limited to 200 copies 2nd 7” from Illinois’ CULO delivers a mean whooping of Midwest hardcore punk. Nothing complicated – just well executed 80’s influenced American hardcore that just happens to be well above average.
1. I Dont Like Today
2. Shootin Glue
3. Military Trend
4. Dont Care Pt. II

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B-Lines - S/T - LP

B-LINES s/t 12” (DY189 split release with Nominal)
B-Lines follow-up their sold out debut 7" with nine more short, sharp odes to awkwardness, alienation, and their hometown of Vancouver. Manic vocals atop perfectly simple and tuneful songs played with a frenzy that lands them in the sweet spot between hardcore and pop-punk. In keeping with their belief that LPs are for prog rock, it's all said and done before you'll have time to conceptualize your next snack.
Initial pressing of 500 copies.
Includes 8.5"x5" zine of lyrics and art, plus digital download. Artwork by Melanie Coles.

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Red Dons - Death To Idealism - LP ltd white or blue vinyl

RED DONS - Death To Idealism
Limited Blue or White vinyl.
Formed from the ashes of Portland's The Observers, Red Dons present their debut full-length of melodic punk rock that tackles themes and imagery of the Middle East. Their sound is very similar to that of The Observers, but they infuse some surf-guitar tones, taking cues from bands like The Ventures and add it to their existing formula. Now available on coloured vinyl with a gatefold cover.

Tracklist: 01. Walk Alone 02. Independent 03. Everyday Distraction 04. Terminal 05. Just Write Romeo 06. Happiness 07. This City 08. Incomplete Action 09. Hajji Takes A Ride 10. No Pain.

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Monday, 9 May 2011

Ripcord- The Damage Is Done - 7" Ltd 25th Anniversary Edition

RIPCORD - The Damage Is Done 25th Anniversary 7"EP - Japan only export edition limited to 300 copies

“The Damage Is Done” was the debut release by UK Hardcore punk legends RIPCORD. Self released as a flexi disc, this release is widely regarded as a seminal UK Hardcore debut. Now, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its first release, “THE DAMAGE IS DONE” is now reissued on 7” that won’t crease! This limited edition hard vinyl re-issue features a fold out cover like the original, and represents the first time these recordings have been available on hard vinyl 7” format! Nine killer tracks of original UK hardcore punk!
FORMAT: LImited Edition 7" Vinyl (500, 1st press)
TRACKLIST: A1. Furder A2. Empty Faces A3. Armchair Critic A4. Thatchula A5. Eve Of The End B1. Single Ticket To Hell B2. State Of Emergency B3. Kiss Of Death B4. Lies Lies Lies

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Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Shirks - Cry Cry Cry - 7" ltd red vinyl

THE SHIRKS - Cry Cry Cry - 7" ltd red vinyl

Mailorder only red vinyl limited to 100 copies
Includes free download code
This is EP number four from one of Washington DC's finest, THE SHIRKS. CRY CRY CRY features three more infectious, guitar driven punk rock 'n roll A-Sides with 70's punk feel - there's a heavy SAINTS / Aussie KBD sound present in these tunes - run through the 90's garage filter while maintaining a raw and primitive vibe. To put things into perspective, Terminal Boredom might have put it best in a review of their last 7" on Windian, referring to the band's style as "East Coast tough-as-shit leather jacket punk bad ass-ness" ... while I'm not 100% sure what that means, I can't really disagree with it either because it sounds kinda perfect. THE SHIRKS have been at it for a few years now, with each release better than then next - if you have yet to check them out, then what better place to start than with this 7"?

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