Thursday, 10 January 2019

HONNÖR SS - Livande Halvmesyr - LP bone colour vinyl + screenprinted slipmat.

Very limited copies available for your own private use here - -
Will have both limited editions.
After many singles, splits etc. here you have full debut album from swedish d-takt / raw punk masters Honnör SS !!! Expect nothing than pure noise dirty madness !!!
500 copies pressed issued in gatefold cover incl. one-sided printed lyric sheet.
400 copies - black vinyls.
50 copies - bone vinyls (limited edition).
50 copies - bone vinyls with screenprinted slipmat (limited edition).
A1 En Plats I Solen
A2 Ålderns Höst
A3 Skuggspelsdocka
A4 Envis Livslåga
A5 Döda Drömmar
A6 De Vackraste Blommorna På Kyrkogården
B1 Ångest Som Tryggpunkt
B2 Du Har Det Så Bra
B3 Förlorare
B4 Som Det Alltid Var
B5 Mot Ett Garanterat Slut
B6 Permafrost

Ferocious X - Den Gra Sanningen - 7" e.p.
Limited to 500 copies.
Ferocious X is one of the best contemporary Japanese hardcore bands playing in the vein of the classic, noisy Osaka crust style, this is essential Japanese hardcore punk and we managed to get some deadstock copies. Highly recommended.