Thursday, 25 September 2014

Sex Dwarf - Nonstop Erotic Noise Cabaret - 12" USA version

Sex Dwarf - Nonstop Erotic Noise Cabaret - 12"
Finally arrived from the USofA - this is the US edition with RED LOGO sleeve. 
NOIZE NOIZE NOIZE SEX DWARF Rules Hard, and their new album Non-Stop Erotic Noise Cabaret proves it! Over the dis-journey of 15 blistering tracks, these Swedish D-Beat warriors set out to kill the world's eardrums! Actually, SEX DWARF fucking succeeds, because this record is PURE UNCUT RAW D-BEAT and will electrocute your whole being with each listen! CVLT Nation has been given the honor of streaming Non-Stop Erotic Noise Cabaret full below! 
Non-stop erotic noise cabaret Stockholm-based hardcore punk powerhouse. Many people will remember Per Thunell, who's new band this is, from his earlier bands Filthy Christians, Protest Bengt and Bruce Banner. This LP is on D-Takt & Råpunk Records and Konton Crasher so you know what to expect both style and quality wise. Total rager.
A1 Deras Ord
A2 Manipulation
A3 Lögner Och Skit
A4 Krigslust
A5 Erat Spel
A6 Din Gud
A7 I Ditt Koppel
B1 I Mitt Huvud
B2 Arbete
B3 Ingen Gud
B4 Slavery
B5 Du Ljuger
B6 Märkt Av Livet