Monday, 30 May 2016

Man Is The Bastard/Bizarre Uproar – Sanctity Of Oil - 10" orange vinyl

Man Is The Bastard/Bizarre Uproar – Sanctity Of Oil - 10" orange vinyl - available here
Mailorder only - orange vinyl
The noise rock combo known as Man Is the Bastard was a project put together by Eric Wood and Joel Connell after they had left hardcore outfit Pissed Happy Children. Dubbing the band "power violence," the sound was a brutal mix of complicated technical riffing and straight-up hardcore. Members were interested in the burgeoning electronic noise scene, something that affected their music greatly. The group lasted until 1997, when they mutually decided that if they continued they would no longer make quality music. The members still work together on projects, including Wood's Bastard Noise projects.
Sanctity Of Oil
A1 –Charred Remains A·K·A Man Is The Bastard Grasp The Bug
A2 –Charred Remains A·K·A Man Is The Bastard Human Condition
A3 –Charred Remains A·K·A Man Is The Bastard Mary Jane (The Ultimate Girl)
A4 –Charred Remains A·K·A Man Is The Bastard Oil Bomb
M3A1 Sub-machine Gun
B –Bizarre Uproar Session Of Extreme Nihilistic Horror
Performer – Pasi Markkula

Friday, 27 May 2016

Extortion - Degenerate - LP - clear coke bottle vinyl.

Extortion - Degenerate - LP - clear coke bottle vinyl.
Extortion - Degrenerate - LP - mailorder only ltd clear coke bottle vinyl - awaiting your attention here
This is it! The best EXTORTION record! Their first full length, finally available again through BLITZ RECORDS. This is a masterpiece of modern powerviolence and in my opinion one of the best Australian hardcore LPs of all time. Don't miss out on it this time round! Absolutely Essential!
Extortion is a Hardcore Punk band from Perth, Western Australia. I absolutely love the vocals. if you like bands like Siege, Infest, Crossed Out, Negative fx, Poison Idea, Nailed Down, Dwarves, No Comment, then this band is for you.
A1 Arson
A2 Lose Control
A3 The Beginning Of The End
A4 Get Fucked
A5 Degenerate
A6 Life Under Lies
A7 The Rising Tide
A8 No Such Luck
A9 Overwhelmed
A10 Curb Crawl
B1 I Got Mine
B2 Deluded
B3 4 Outta 5
B4 Windows
B5 Manhun
B6 Maniac
B7 Ramirez
B8 Messed Up
B9 You're Next...

To The Point / Pick Your Sides - 10" colour vinyl.

To The Point / Pick Your Sides - 10" colour vinyl.
Managed to scrounge the last few copies on various colours.
available here
If Cave State are the “breakout” band of 2013, then To The Point are “THE BAND” of 2013. Owning absolutely every release they’ve thrown at you since their conception, this compilation of songs can be downloaded for free at Chris Dodge’s (Slap a Ham godfather & To The Point vocalst caveman) blog.
This one contains various songs from all of their releases (including the split with Pick Your Side, one of the must listen records of the year in my opinion), sort of like a delicious hardcore appetizer platter before you sink your teeth into the vinyl (good luck finding it!). Every song this band creates is top notch. You know the story. TTP is sort of a “Lack of Interest 2.0″, but they’ve obliterated any misconceptions that this is going to be a formulaic cookie-cutter clone of a now legendary band. No, To The Point is it’s own monster & adds something desperately needed to hardcore: Spontaneity! You can never guess what they’re going to end up half way through any one of their songs. And then they do it. And no matter what path they choose the result is always something insanely pleasurable to hear at the end. Everyone in the band is literally “on point” when it comes to every aspect of the music. There are no weak links at all. But in my humble opinion, what separates this band from everyone else is the guitar playing. Things you would NEVER think to put in a hardcore song on top of a flawless foundation of bass and drums suddenly make complete sense. It’s meticulous, it always comes out of nowhere & it compliments everything else so perfectly that their sounds becomes instantly recognizable. The fact that they can achieve this all while never ignoring the basic fundamentals of fast music & what makes a great HC song truly great is a thing of beauty and harder than anyone is willing to admit. Being hardcore veterans, they have used their knowledge to basically transcend the genera without losing an ounce of the speed, brutality, wit or integrity that makes this type of music so pure and wonderful to begin with.
Dodgy Sounds - GonzoKaraoke
Pick Your Side, a crushing hardcore band featuring Jeff Beckman(vocalist for Haymaker and guitarist for Left For Dead among other notable bands) and also featuring members of metal/grind stalwarts F*ck The Facts and The Endless Blockade. Furious hardcore with elements of several different styles being showcased throughout. There are faster straightforward hardcore/powerviolence songs that bring to mind the aforementioned singer's previous band Haymaker, a few more metallic/melodic songs with a crusty influence coming forward
To the Point issue more songs in the same style as the "Success in Failure" 500 copies available total through mailorder 
A1 Pick Your Side – Dead Pedophile 
A2 Pick Your Side – Not A Thought To Spare 
A3 Pick Your Side – Your Elected Leaders 
A4 Pick Your Side – Weakling 
A5 Pick Your Side – Paved Grave 
A6 Pick Your Side – Survival Prayer 
A7 Pick Your Side – Last Nerve 
B1 To The Point – 41. Embarrassed By You All 
B2 To The Point – 36. First World Problems For A Middle Class White Guy 
B3 To The Point – 32. Trickle Down Economics 
B4 To The Point – 37. Scion 
B5 To The Point – 43. It Happens For A Reason 
B6 To The Point – 33. I Gotta Match 
B7 To The Point – 39. Dark View 
B8 To The Point – 47. The Player 
B9 To The Point – 46. Working Class Hero 
B10 To The Point – 38. My Reality Show 
B11 To The Point – 24. Random Compassion.

Siege - Drop Dead - 12"- 30th Anniversary Edition- green vinyl.

Siege - Drop Dead - 12"- 30th Anniversary Edition- green vinyl.
restocks if you missed out last time - here yer go --
SIEGE 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION...RESTORED DEFINITIVE SOUND...WITH ORIGINAL SESSIONS' OUTTAKES Green Opaque Wax.- - includes all the trax from the previous presses - This edition features the two bonus tracks from the 2006 reissue and the bonus track from the 2009 reissue, making this the most complete version of the release.
Siege was an American hardcore punk band from Weymouth, Massachusetts. They were active in the 1980s Boston hardcore scene from 1983 to 1985, and reunited briefly in the early 1990s.
Siege’s unprecedented level of extreme hardcore punk was some of the fastest and heaviest of its time, incorporating lightning fast tempos, chord changes, vocal delivery, and blast beats into its style, thus setting the stage for the emerging grindcore scene. And though rather short-lived and little-known during their existence, subsequent musicians have cited the group as a profound influence, including the famous British grindcore band Napalm Death and the American powerviolence band Dropdead, whose name was derived from the title of Siege’s demo of the same name.
A1 Drop Dead
A2 Conform
A3 Life Of Hate
A4 Starvation
A5 Armageddon
A6 Walls
A7 Sad But True
A8 Cold War
A9 Two-Faced
A10 Trained To Kill
A11 Questions Behind The Wall
B Grim Reaper.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

B-Lines – S/T - LP.

B-Lines – S/T - LP.
Long deleted LP, long defunct band - great stuff at a great price - - released March 11, 2011 - 500 pressed on black vinyl. Comes with insert zine - available here
The B-Lines are a Vancouver punk rock band that plays a raw and uncomplicated brand of punk that reminds one of punk bands of yesteryear. With a tight sound and charismatic lead singer, who jumps, yelps, and fits around the stage, they are a joy to watch live. Their songs, many of which pay homage to their hometown of Vancouver, are short, direct, and expressive, and often leave you wanting more. Having played together for several years now, the B-Lines have increasingly become a band that has taken itself more seriously and as a result has gained a solid following among many local punk fans and much more attention in general.
Hastings Strut
Wealthy Barber
It Rains
Psychedelic High School
In The Red
World War Four

九狼吽 Clown - Human in Confusion - LP .

九狼吽 Clown - Human in Confusion - LP .
Last few copies at wholesale price - available here ----
Superb package Heavy vinyl, gatefold, printed inner sleeve, Sugi artwork - limited to 500 copies only.
"Nagoya city, one of the cities which raised up Japanese Hardcore to a world-class level, has 九狼吽(CLOWN) in its core. They play aggressively, and it’s not too much to say that they represent Japanese Driving Hardcore Punk at it's best. And this is their newest record. Nagoya City is probably more well known in recent years for D-Clone but there's bands flying under the radar such as the almighty Clown who play tough-as-nails metallic hardcore - real bad ass stuff.
Clown is pissed off to the fuckin' max, bad ass hooks left right and loud, drive fast and bang your head.
1 ドロ沼
2 ヒトモドキ
3 我慢の果てに死ぬ
4 Invader
5 Trouble Call
6 Lost
7 052
8 Unfare Equality
9 蘇りの風

Friday, 20 May 2016

Absolut/偏執症者 Paranoid - Jawbreaking Mangel Devastation 2xEP.

Absolut/偏執症者 (Paranoid)-Jawbreaking Mangel Devastation 2xEP. - Great package - now deleted - last few copies at a great price - available here for £5.99…/abs … id-jawbre…
D-beat / noise / punk release of the year! Great mixing/mastering by Kenko at Communichaos of 偏執症者(Paranoid) side, and brilliant art by Sugi! 
European version of split with two top d-beat / crust bands. Absolut from Canada, raw noise / d-beat punk heavily influenced by Japan noise punk school like Confuse / Framtid. After their two full albums they are here with this piece of wax. Dis dis dis punk! Second seveninch is occupied by swedish monsters Paranoid. If you like Framtid / Disclose you can´t miss the target. With current and ex-members from bands like Warvictims, Desperat or Brottskod 11. Issued in luxury double EP gatefold packaging with awesome Sugi´s artwork! Take it or leave it.
A1 –Absolut Crisis 
A2 –Absolut Peace System 
B1 –Absolut Mental Problem 
B2 –Absolut Wage Of Fear 
C1 –Paranoid Owarinaki Yoru 
C2 –Paranoid Muteikou 
D1 –Paranoid Han-Dejitaru Kakumei 
D2 –Paranoid Kudakareta Seishin

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Lifespite – Self-Titled 7" - red/black splatter vinyl.

Lifespite – Self-Titled 7" - red/black splatter vinyl.
Very rare and extremely limited on red/black splatter vinyl - managed to scrounge the last few copies - available here
LIFESPITE is ready to pound your worthless skull to dust! This is negative hardcore! Having just recorded their debut 7" with Marc Van Duivenvoorde (Herder, Villainy, Acid Deathtrip) at Perimeter Audio, LIFESPITE are bringing you six tracks of contempt and disgust for mankind. This is crude, blunt, and hateful hardcore for axe-wielding maniacs into Haymaker, Sheer Terror, Left For Dead, and Infest.
A1 Dead In A Ditch 1:38
A2 Over And Done 1:58
A3 Taste The Floor 0:59
B1 Organ Thieves 2:17
B2 Bullshit Species 1:15
B3 Final Exit

Weekend Nachos / Lack Of Interest - Split – 7" + badge.

Weekend Nachos / Lack Of Interest - Split – 7" + badge
Includes free button badge of Bobs Grandpa, he's 88 years old - they are putting on a show for the dear old boy 'GRANPA FEST 2016' Saturday, 25 June, in California, check it out - - -
Bob tells me his fav bands are Girlschool-Motorhead-Sick of it All-Excel - bless him, I thought I was the oldest caveperson in the world - available here -
On this split 7", two household names in the powerviolence genre come together for an instant classic. Lack of Interest return with some of their first new material since the 90s and Weekend Nachos move further in the direction of Worthless with 10 furious tracks of unadulterated hardcore. A must-have for any fan of either band or anybody with a good ear for heavy fastcore.
A1 Weekend Nachos – World Knows Fear A2 Weekend Nachos – Critical Mass Death Penalty A3 Weekend Nachos – Toothpaste A4 Weekend Nachos – Backwards A5 Weekend Nachos – Livin The Dream B1 Lack Of Interest – Everyone Must Die B2 Lack Of Interest – Roll Of The Dice B3 Lack Of Interest – Revelations B4 Lack Of Interest – Negative 1 B5 Lack Of Interest – 32 Seconds Hate.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Weekend Nachos - Apology - LP ltd clear vinyl with booklet.

Weekend Nachos - Apology - LP ltd clear vinyl with booklet. 
Weekend Nachos are calling it a day, this is their final album - Bob has put together a very limited edition on clear vinyl with 16 page booklet - THEIR FINAL AND BEST - grab a copy here, already going fast -

Chicago’s Weekend Nachos go out in a storm of hatred with the release of their final album Apology. Recorded by the band's own Andy Nelson at Bricktop Studios (Lord Mantis, Like Rats, Harms Way), Apology is a veritable tornado of grindcore/powerviolence/hardcore savagery. Apology is thirteen tracks of utter punishment that has Weekend Nachos sounding more dangerous and urgent than ever before. Features guest vocal appearances from Dylan Walker of Full of Hell. Weekend Nachos are all about their catchiness, their awesome groove parts, and their harsh vocals. There's no arguing with their unique blend of powerviolence, grindcore, and hardcore.
1 - 2015 - 5:44
2 - Dust - 1:51
3 - Fake Political Song - 0:58
4 - All - 2:08
5 - Judged - 1:32
6 - Dog Shit Slave - 1:16
7 - Writhe - 1:46
8 - N.A.R.C. - 1:19
9 - POW MIA - 2:57
10 - World Genocide - 2:17
11 - Eulogy - 2:16
12 - Night Plans - 3:05
13 - Apology - 9:50

Friday, 13 May 2016

Cripple Bastards – Variante Alla Morte - CD.

Cripple Bastards – Variante Alla Morte - CD.
£1.99 at Uncle Mikes distro
Influenced by hardcore/grindcore bands such as Napalm Death, Cripple Bastards first formed back in 1988. The Italian band was originally created in Asti (Italy) by Giulio 'the Bastard' (drums) and Alberto (guitars, vocals) (13 and 16 years old respectively) as some punk project named Grimcorpses. The band eventually decided to alter their style, change name and adopt a musical direction similar to popular noisecore bands of the time, such as Anal Cunt.
The group first released their first official demo which was released on a three-way split with Dissonance (hardcore/grind) and K.S.G. (dark ambient) and have had, since then, an increasing fanbase. The band has now released various albums, has appeared on over a dozen compilations and has released split EPs with bands such as Violent Headache, Psychotic Noise and Carcass Grinder.
The band's latest efforts, "Il Grande Silenzio", "Misantropo a Senso Unico" and "Almost Human" have confirmed the group's position as one of the most central noisecore grind acts around.
1 Faccia Da Contenitore 0:04
2 Variante Alla Morte 1:37
3 Pedinati 0:25
4 Allergie Da Contatto 2:25
5 Insofferenza 0:28
6 Lo Sfregio E Le Sue Ombre 2:28
7 Inverno Nel Ghetto 0:06
8 Spirito Di Ritorsione 2:42
9 L'Uomo Dietro Al Vetro Opaco 0:53
10 Sorriso Decubitale 0:17
11 Stimolo Chimico 0:04
12 Cedimento Strutturale 0:05
13 Sangue Chiama 3:17
14 Implacabile Verso Il Buio 0:36
15 Stupro E Addio 3:20
16 Confessionale In Bianco E Nero 0:04
17 Marchio Catastale 0:44
18 Gli Anni Che Non Ritornano 1:02
19 Karma Del Riscatto 2:00
20 Regredito A Che Punto 0:04
21 Falsificato Ideale 0:05
22 Sottoposti A Taglio 0:39
23 Conquista Dell'Isolamento 2:34
24 Auto-Azzeramento

Looking For An Answer - Split The Suffering, Split The Pain – CD.

Looking For An Answer - Split The Suffering, Split The Pain – CD.
£1.99 at Uncle Mikes distro
This CD is the official U.S. release on Deep Six Records. This release features all the tracks on their split releases from 2001-2004 and some unreleased tracks as well, 34 tracks of brutal grindcore/speedcore at it's finest. Tracks 1 to 5: Taken from split EP w/Catheter; Tracks 6 to 12: Taken from split EP w/Zanussi; Tracks 13 to 18: Taken from split EP w/Comrades; Tracks 19 to 23: Taken from split EP w/Overpowering; Tracks 24 to 30: Taken from split LP w/Ira et Decessus; Tracks 31 to 34: To be part of tribute albums that never were released!
Looking For An Answer is a Grindcore / Mincecore band from Madrid, Spain. They were formed in 1999. The band started as a side project of guitarist Felix. Later on vocalist Iñaki, and bassist Ramón were added. The band recorded, and played live with a drum machine until the arrival of drummer Moya. The band has lots of oldschool Death Metal, and Grindcore influences, as well as lots of Crust Punk, and Hardcore Punk influences in their music. Looking For An Answer often writes about animal liberation/animal rights, social issues, and human misery. Some of the former/current members of the band are also in the following bands: Machetazo, Justice Department, and Dishammer. The band is currently active, and recently signed to Relapse Records.
Track Listing:
1.Dudar de la Existencia 2.Simplemente Escoria Humana 3.Los Olivdados 4.Miserable Realidad 5.Vendidos a su Suerte 6.El Significado del Odio 7.Realidad Educativa 8.Una Mentira Llamada Dios 9.El Circulo Vicioso de la Incoherencia 10.Bienestarismo Especista 11.Su Opio 12.La Estentica del Terror 13.Eutanasia 14.Conocimento Implica Responsabilidad 15.Genocidio Multinacional 16.Cadaveres De Libertad 17.Realidades de su Guerra 18.Nuestra Postura 19.Curacion Contra Lucro 20.Consumo Genera Explotacion 21.Invasion 22.Verdadero Enemigo 23.Voluntaria Ignorancia 24.El Recuerdo 25.Cruel Rutina 26.Parasito Humano 27.Vuestra Libertad 28.La Vida Profesional 29.Cinismo Colateral 30.Fear of Napalm (Terrorizer Cover) 31.No es Justo/Son Complices (Denak Cover) 32.The Missing Link (Napalm Death Cover) 33.Prison Without Walls (Napalm Death Cover) 34.Alianza Educativa Para una Raza de Esclavos (Ruido de Rabia).

Thursday, 12 May 2016


Superb LP from 2012/13 - limited to 350 copies only on clear red vinyl - grab yourself this classic LP for £5.99 at
Institution features members of Totalitar, Meanwhile, Heratys and Kvoteringen. As you would presume by the pedigree of the band members they play raw Swedish hardcore punk very much in the vein of the last Totalitar LP.
A1 Domen Är Satt 
A2 Falskspel
A3 Krossar Dig
A4 Kaos
A5 Ratad
A6 Utstängd
B1 Helvetet På Jorden
B2 Hat
B3 Dårarnas Paradis
B4 Svart/Vitt
B5 Omänskligt
B6 Visiterad
B7 Vill Bort