Sunday, 6 March 2016


ABSOLUT (Canada) brings absolutely insane punk in the vein of Swedish and Japanese legends such as Anti-Cimex and Gauze! Everything about this new Toronto four-piece is over the top, from the loudspeaker vocals, The right amount of evil metal mixed with raging hardcore punk, mid- to late 90’s Sweden sounding, filled with great riffs and short, alarm siren-like solos… That’s Canadian Absolut for you. 
SUNSHINE WARD-Boston hardcore punk band, this is the only release for now (after the tape is out, Hardware Records reissued this tape on EP adding one more unreleased song), so this is rather reissue after the EP. Classic Boston 82's hardcore meets UKHC meets Totalitar / Anti-Cimex! coming with O-card and original lyrics strip.
ROTTEN UK - Rochester punks Rotten UK recorder these songs in 2014 and this is kinda reissue of this tape! 6 dark and unholy hymns, sounds in totally Bristish 80's punk vein, somethings like if The Deformed played in classic UK82 style bands from No Future Records. Including cover of Undead from UK.
CUM RAG - Raw and noise hardcore punk from Halifax, Canada.
KOWARD - This EP was recorded in 2010, originally released by Total Fucker from Boston, and for now the band is divided by East and West Coasts but is still going. Raging d-beat hardcore as its best, Discharge meets Totalitar with some 80's USHC tunes. Members of Scapegoat, PMS 84, WKSJ?, Earthpig, Contingent, Sadist, 2x4, Terokal and many others!
CEMETERY - Reissue of long gone 2011 demo (originally by Occult Whispers) of thise Chicago-based goth-punk band!!
CREEM - Recorded and released in 2012 as 12" EP (its long gone from Deranged Rcs and Katorga Works who released it) and reissued as cassette now. NYC hardcore punk band CREEM influenced by 80's Boston hardcore and UKHC including members of Ajax, Natural Law, Nuclear Spring, Warthog, Concealed Blade, Hounds of Hate and many others. If you missed the EP, heres kinda replacement, so dont sleep.
SAD BOYS - 3 song reissue tape from NYC female-fronted punk band sounding like overfuzzed uk82/Japanese pogo-punk!!! Members of Pox, La Misma, Nomad, L.O.T.I.O.N. and others.
UGLY SHADOWS - anarcho-punk/dark-punk/post-punk from Istanbul,Turkey.
WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET? - Boston pogo punk attack for all who's into Japanese classic pogo bands (Discocks, Tom and Boot Boys, Pogo Machine, Shit-Faced etc), UK82  and the best 90's street punk bands!
FATUM - Brand new full length cassette album of moscow crusties FATUM who sound exactly in 80's UK stenchcore & early thrash vibe! Imagine the authentic mix of Antisect, early Hellbastard, Sacrilege (very strong touch), Venom, Onslaught and Amebix!!! Cover and other pictures were drawn by Cyrik, the guitarist . Right now the band is invading european lands, so catch them in your city before they burn it down!
LOCK OFF - Debut release from Jakarta drunk panks. 6 tracks of pogo panx atak, and feel the smell of cheap booze and anti-depressive drugs. Drunk and pogo! Pogo till you puke!!
Snøb - Exploit Me EP on cassette .
6 tracks of  old school US styled hardcore fucking punk in the vein of Poison Idea, Gang Green, Jerry's Kids, SS Decontol and other classic bands from Canadian punk band! Including members of Koszmar, Violent Nun and Systematik!!!
Originally as a 7" on Hardware Records from Germany.
NERVESKADE - Noise Pollution tape 
Glue huffing gutter insane noise punks from Portland!!!
This edition includes 4 covers from original tape(Disorder, Discharge, SS Decontrol, Jerry's Kids) plus Shitlickers cover from the split EP with Perdition.
Originally released by 540 Records as 7" and by Hardcore Survives as a tape in 2011 when Nerveskade toured Japan.
ZIPPERHEAD - Boston's Zipperhead is a thumping and deranged hardcore punk outfit that instantly stays in your head.  Their overall sound may seem somewhat-straight-forward but the end result is ugly and ripping leaving you yearning for more degenerate punk awesomeness.
ALIENATION - The first two demos - Noise punk from Dartmouth,Nova Scotia Canada.
KOSZMAR - Nuklearna Supremacja - d-beat/hardcore punk from Vancouver, Canada
Human Bodies is blackened crust/hardcore punk from Boston, MA with members of Sadist and ex-Aspects of War etc. This tape was released in 2014 and now reissued.
NUCLEAR DEVASTATION / RAMLORD - Metalpunks Nuclear Devastation from Amsterdam, Netherlands recorded one song with definitely brand new sound! More heavier and darker than ever..Its still thrashing metalpunk but with more blackened crust touch!
Ramlord with their two songs of gloomy blackened stenchcore! Sounds like Iskra/Martyrdod mixed with Axegrinder and Misery!
PRIMITIVE PACT - Acid Rain demo ( NYC UK82 Riot City styled band, this is the second press of the demo. First one was put out by the band and sold out pretty quick during their West coast USA tour with Ssyndrom)
BOMBSPLINTER - pro-printed second tape No One Survives from LA rawpunx Bombsplinter (after first demo and cd-r released before) which sounds like scandi hardcore of 80's in nowadays! We can see straightforward analogy of swedish raw hardcore punx Crude SS in artwork and it's done really amazing! For all fans of Moderat Likvidation, Discharge, Svart Parad and Crude SS must have!
SCUMRAID - D-beat noise punk from Seoul, South Korea