Thursday, 16 October 2014

Lebenden Toten - Near Dark - cassette

Official reissue of Lebenden Toten's latest cassette (originally was released through Gasmask Records). Lebenden Toten, one of the first PDX noise punk bands(raised from the ashes of Atrocious Madness), will crack your brain up with its wall of noise attack on your ears, based on sounds of bands like Gloom, Disorder, Confuse, GAI, Disclose etc!!!
Including Near Dark LP, Death Culture Deprivation and Poison wave EP's and 2 more bonus trax.
A1 Theatre Of Death
A2 Twitching Brains
A3 In Trance
A4 Eat The Life
A5 Commodities
A6 Near Dark
A7 Terrible Consolation
A8 Serene Fuckers
A9 No Release
A10 Information
Death Culture Deprivation EP
B1 Scattered Places
B2 Poison-Poison
B3 Diseased
B4 Pawn Sacrifice
B5 Death Culture
Poison Wave EP
B6 Terror Attack
B7 Memories Of State
B8 Poison Wave

ZEX - Fight For Yourself LP on cassette

ZEX - Fight for Yourself LP on cassette! 
Officially approved by the band, after releasing Savage City 7" , Wanderlust 7" and having East Coast US tour, theres a time for a debut long play for Ottawa's punks ZEX whose sound is a mix of old school punk rock (77-79) influenced by rock-n-roll and some speed/heavy metal tunes. 10 songs sound really fresh thats why you gotta hear it! Including Jo Capitalicide as guitar player ( Germ Attak, Iron Dogs, Trioxin 245 etc).
Fight For Yourself
Wild Blood
We're Rebels
Screaming At A Wall
World Of Trash
Break Free
On Our Own
Savage City

Primitive Pact - End of the World - cassette

Primitive Pact - End of the World - Tape
Pro re-issue of debut cassete "End of the World"(originally released in 2012) from US punk band Primitive Pact. 9 tracks of purest UK82 styled hardcore punk from New Your City rockers !! 50 copies!
A1 No Self Choice
A2 Keep Staring
A3 Injustace
A4 Blue Patrol
A5 Follower
A6 No Solution
A7 Prisoner
A8 Helpless
A9 Primitive Pact