Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Black And White ‎– We Like Noise - 7"

Black And White ‎– We Like Noise - 7"

77' in 2013'! They appeared like a razor's edge as sensational and dangerous into Tokyo hardcore punk scene. 
Totally complete and respectful to UK 77' killer raw punk rock, truly pure energetic punk. 
They're taking us back to shocking and impulse that we've forgotten about punk music. Also so many people put their name as the best live act of 2012'. 
For fans of Generation X, The Clash, Slaughter and the dogs, The Jam, Wire, The Lurkers, The Vibrators, Eater and The&nb sp;Adverts. 
Let's do the pogo! 

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Vendetta ‎– Fight EP - 7"

Vendetta ‎– Fight EP - 7"

A1 心の鏡
A2 Fight
B1 Revive
B2 奥深く先へ

The 2nd 7" ep from Vendetta - young, proud and punk as fuck .
Think UK hardcore punk/Beat The System records, speedy offensive attack punk style, add more rockin' and psychedelic guitar riffs from teenage punks Kuro(vo/gu). They're still growing up with various sounds.
It's not categorized as just "UK hardcore" style. also They're not cursed by old legends, is trying to play their music.
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Sotatila/Think Again - Black Rainbow EP - 7"


split from Sotatila (Austria/Finland) playing Finnish 82-hc and Think Again playing excellent Japanese Hardcore burning spirits -style. Japanese pressing by Hardcore Survives.

SOTATILA/THINK AGAIN “Black Rainbow Tour 2012”. Sotatila, 3 of them are from Ruidosa Inmundicia and have already toured Japan with Think Again/Rydeen last year as the “No Border Tour”. They spread awesome sounds  for all of Japanese Punks. As early as they come back to Japan as Sotatila with Finnish singer Jukka (ex-Riistetyt). It reminds us of traditional Finnish punk monsters like Bastards and Mellakka. It’s ferocious and savage, non-stop full of propaganda Finnish HC. Think Again playing Yokohama/Tokyo area young Japanese hardcore punk warriors. Getting blood from the 100% pure high energy burning spirit Japanese hardcore punks like Lip Cream, Bastard and Judgement. Lyrics are honest and aggressive, that’s punk. Spinning past, present, future and hope for these 2 bands. Feel their burning flames!

Sotatila – Lakimuutos
Sotatila – Poliisivaltio
Sotatila – Ei Ydinvoimaa
Think Again  – 消えない傷
Think Again  – この血を注ぎ込む
Think Again  – 希望

D-Clone / Mauser / Folkeiis ‎– Complete Aural Turmoil - 7"

D-Clone / Mauser / Folkeiis ‎– Complete Aural Turmoil

D-Clone – Noise Life
Mauser  – Silence
Mauser  – The Storm
Folkeiis – Blood

3 way split from Hardcore Survives released in conjunction with the Mauser / D-Clone / Folkeiis Japanese tour. Mauser have been highly praised in the US for the past couple years and just came out with a 12". D-Clone from Nagoya, of course have had several releases, all just as top notch as their live performance. Of all the bands, I am most interested in hearing new Folkeiis material. This is a fantastic, powerful live Japanese band who have only released an EP and some compilation tracks,  - many thanx to Solar Funeral
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