Monday, 24 May 2010

Brutal Truth/Spazz - Split - 7"


 Death Metal/Grindcore
BRUTAL TRUTH-Pork Farm/Rumours/Foolish Bastard
SPAZZ--Spazz vs. Mother Nature/Nudge on a Stick/Donger

Brutal Truth is a grindcore band from New York City formed by bass player Dan Lilker (Nuclear Assault, Anthrax, SOD, Exit-13, Malformed Earthborn, The Ravenous, Overlord Exterminator, Hemlock, Venomous Concept, Crucifist) in 1990. Brutal Truth was active mainly from 1990-1999, releasing four studio albums during that time including the classic Need To Control. They reformed in 2006, toured the world and released the new album Evolution Through Revolution in 2009. Besides the five studio albums the Brutal Truth discography includes several EPs and rare split singles.

Spazz was an influential American powerviolence band active between 1992 and 2000. The trio released numerous records within this time, many of which are now highly collectible due to their relative rarity. The band's releases often showcased their unusual sense of humour: absurdly long and nonsensical song titles, audio samples from b-movies and kung-fu films between songs and the occasional use of hip hop beats as well as saxophones, banjos and other instruments rarely associated within hardcore punk. All three of the members shared vocal duties, usually changing in sequence from line to line.

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