Thursday, 25 September 2014

Sex Dwarf - Nonstop Erotic Noise Cabaret - 12" USA version

Sex Dwarf - Nonstop Erotic Noise Cabaret - 12"
Finally arrived from the USofA - this is the US edition with RED LOGO sleeve. 
NOIZE NOIZE NOIZE SEX DWARF Rules Hard, and their new album Non-Stop Erotic Noise Cabaret proves it! Over the dis-journey of 15 blistering tracks, these Swedish D-Beat warriors set out to kill the world's eardrums! Actually, SEX DWARF fucking succeeds, because this record is PURE UNCUT RAW D-BEAT and will electrocute your whole being with each listen! CVLT Nation has been given the honor of streaming Non-Stop Erotic Noise Cabaret full below! 
Non-stop erotic noise cabaret Stockholm-based hardcore punk powerhouse. Many people will remember Per Thunell, who's new band this is, from his earlier bands Filthy Christians, Protest Bengt and Bruce Banner. This LP is on D-Takt & Råpunk Records and Konton Crasher so you know what to expect both style and quality wise. Total rager.
A1 Deras Ord
A2 Manipulation
A3 Lögner Och Skit
A4 Krigslust
A5 Erat Spel
A6 Din Gud
A7 I Ditt Koppel
B1 I Mitt Huvud
B2 Arbete
B3 Ingen Gud
B4 Slavery
B5 Du Ljuger
B6 Märkt Av Livet

Saturday, 6 September 2014

LOW THREAT PROFILE - product #3 - 7" - yellow vinyl

very limited mailorder only on yellow vinyl
This third output from Low Threat Profile features Infest's Matt Domino not only playing guitar and bass but doing all of the vocals as well, with the band being rounded out by Bob from Deep Six/Lack Of Interest on drums. These nine tracks are exactly what should be expected: fast, intense hardcore that borders on the powerviolence played by those who originated the genre. This is probably one of the most fierce and down-to-the-core and back-to-basics hardcore records of the last decade and a strong reminder that high energy playng and superb songwriting are everything you need when it's time to deliver the goods in five minutes of hardcore. For fans of Manpig, Infest and No Comment. Threat Profile deliver another nine scoops of vanilla hardcore with a dollop of whip cream and a "fuck you" on top.

Track Listing: 
The Opportunist 
Set The Bar Low 
Middle Age Casualty 
God Complex 
Give And Receive 
Null And Void 
Dropping Like Flies

LOW THREAT PROFILE - Product #1 - 7"

POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. Finally back in stock! Power-violence rules, ok? Featuring former members of INFEST, NO COMMENT and LACK OF INTEREST. So, if those names mean nothing to you then check out all those bands. Why? because they rip and dip like few can. If you're familiar with those acts then you are already salivating and thinking that this is too good to be true. Honestly, it's a fucking great record - 10 tracks of straight forward hardcore. Recorded before 2001.

Track Listing: 
Kick My Heart / Time For Rebirth / Judgement Passed / Corporate Cash Lies / Lessons In Cruelty / Build Back Your Walls / Nobody Fears You / Southern Hospitality / The Product / You Are Parasite

PHOBIA - Grind Core - 7" EP - brown vinyl

Phobia continues their legacy as one of the most intense, fierce and authentic grindcore bands out there. It's impossible to hear a disappointing album from this bunch of rockers, and Grindcore is not an exception. Brian Fajardo, again, continues being one of the best drummer in the business, not only at being so mechanical and precise but at maintaining a certain “humanity” in his playing. The rest of the band, CC, Calum and Dorian are also at the top of their game. They have the speed, control and sense of pride in what they do that guarantees that hundreds of kids around the planet consider trading their videogames for guitars. Even the vocal delivery of Shane in this release sounds more pissed and a bit more brutal than usual. This release has no flaws, it is fast, to the point and it has been created by a band that really knows how to grind not only your ears but your mind.