Friday, 18 March 2016

Deadmans Shadow – Bomb Scare E.P. - 7"

Deadmans Shadow – Bomb Scare E.P.
Mint unplayed as new from my old stock 1982 - needs a good home - available here -
Rondelet Music & Records – ROUND 16
One of my favorite English bands of the early 80's second wave of punk. They were less known than most of their contemporaries but packed a punch with some great tunes. This is their third ep. Think of them as a more punk version of the Newtown Neurotics.

01 - Bomb Scare
02 - Another Hiroshima
03 - Fighting For Reality

A-Heads – Forgotten Hero - 7".

A-Heads – Forgotten Hero - 7".
Mint unplayed pristine condition as new from 1983 with merchant insert and original dust cover. Bluurg Records – Fish 3 - available at
A melodic yet powerful band from the fertile Warminster area, A-Heads were active between 1981 and 1985 and were an important and much appreciated cog in the local anarcho scene. Their founder member Jock took their name from a piece of graffito scrawled on a wall in Germany, where he was living at the time with his army parents. He found out in 1982 that the graffito had been daubed by the German punk group A-Heads, hence two bands in the early 80s with the same name.The British A-Heads were tuneful and thoughtful, and shared stages, members and friendships with both Subhumans and Organised Chaos. Their debut 7", Dying Man was a bitter rant about glue sniffing, which is right up there with 'Suicide Bag' in self-righteous indignation but equally appealing. Single #2 Forgotten Hero was another great tune, but their last year was dogged with lineup problems, and when they recorded it as an album in 1984 Vox Populi came out on cassette only and was their final release. Original bassist Nige later joined Dick Subhuman in Culture Shock. Sadly, NIgel committed suicide in 1993. Singer Mel left Aheads went on to join Faction.
They have since reformed. - thanx to Punky Gibbon
A Forgotten Hero
B1 Isolated
B2 Love Or Pain