Wednesday, 4 July 2012

To The Point - Mentally Checked Out - 7"

To The Point - Mentally Checked Out (EP) - one sided 7" ltd to 160 copies only

One sided EP. 8 songs of hardcore in the vein of Neanderthal and Septic Death with "caveman style" vocals. Only available mailorder (no wholesale) 160 press only!

A1 11. Punching Holes In The World A2 03. The Result A3 06. My Cell A4 12. No Outcry A5 16. Your Downfall Is My Victory A6 19. Nothing Is Brutal A7 02. Words The Come To Mind (When Thinking Of You) A8 20. Drop The Bomb

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Self Inflicted / Side Tracked - Split EP - 7" ltd blue vinyl

Sidetracked / Self Inflicted (split EP) - limited clear blue vinyl - 100 copies only.

Two west coast veterans team up for this raging slab of wax. Oakland, CA's Self Inflicted bring seven songs of intense hardcore reminiscient of bands like No Comment and Capitalist Casualties. Tacoma, WA's Sidetracked bring ten songs in a similar vein with nods to Rupture and Citizens Arrest as well.

A1 Self Inflicted  – We Control Them A2 Self Inflicted – Hose Of Job A3 Self Inflicted – Guilty A4 Self Inflicted – Obsession A5 Self Inflicted – Bondage And Domination A6 Self Inflicted – Cops Cause Crime A7 Self Inflicted – Death Is A Friend B1 Sidetracked – Reeled In B2 Sidetracked – Rally B3 Sidetracked – Halfway B4 Sidetracked – Fight Or Flight B5 Sidetracked – High Horse B6 Sidetracked – Slave B7 Sidetracked – Perception B8 Sidetracked – No One Wins B9 Sidetracked – Tolerance B10 Sidetracked – One Of Them.

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Landmine Marathon - S/T EP - 7" ltd white vinyl

Landmine Marathon - Self-Titled EP - 7" white vinyl limited to 100 only

Landmine Marathon follow up last year’s critically and fan acclaimed full length, Gallows, with a new two song self-titled EP. Both songs were recorded in the same sessions as Gallows and will not be heard anywhere else. These songs will destroy you with their hearty mix of old school death, grind and, doom combined with a ferocious vocal onslaught.
A Bastard Child B Giving Her Death

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Weekend Nachos / Lack Of Interest - Split EP - 7"

Weekend Nachos / Lack Of Interest (split EP)
On this split 7", two household names in the powerviolence genre come together for an instant classic. Lack of Interest return with some of their first new material since the 90s and Weekend Nachos move further in the direction of Worthless with 10 furious tracks of unadulterated hardcore. A must-have for any fan of either band or anybody with a good ear for heavy fastcore.
A1 Weekend Nachos – World Knows Fear A2 Weekend Nachos – Critical Mass Death Penalty A3 Weekend Nachos – Toothpaste A4 Weekend Nachos – Backwards A5 Weekend Nachos – Livin The Dream B1 Lack Of Interest – Everyone Must Die B2 Lack Of Interest – Roll Of The Dice B3 Lack Of Interest – Revelations B4 Lack Of Interest – Negative 1 B5 Lack Of Interest – 32 Seconds Hate.

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