Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sex Dwarf/Warthreat - Split -7" EP

400 copies on black vinyl and purple vinyl mailorder only limited to 100 - superb thick card cover - great product.
Sex Dwarf -  Stockholm-based hardcore punk powerhouse. Many people will remember Per Thunell, who's new band this is, from his earlier bands Filthy Christians, Protest Bengt and Bruce Banner. Total rager. The best band in Sweden right now? I have reliable sources saying so, and I have a hard time coming up with a reason not too agree. Noise-distortion and destruction with the intent of fucking you up and making you leave the room. Sex Dwarf have everything in the red and quickly blast through their tracks of nonstop hardcore noise. Fucking excellent!

Warthreat - are from Perth, Western Australia and play noisy as hell d-beat. 6 tracks full noise blast with d-beat noise, energetic drumming, dirty and fat sound productions. Much riffing influenced from Anticimex, Skitlickers and the like. Disclose and other Japanese crusty/ noise added as well. This band consist members from Suffer and Extortion. 

Electric Funeral - Harvester Of Death - 7"

Electric Funeral - Harvester Of Death - 7"
2nd 7" by Electric Funeral . expect 5 new raging distorted songs close to DISCLOSE and GIFTGAS ATTACK. This is some brutal distortion and played exactly perfect. it is infectious noise that you cannot stop listening to. If you like noise punk get this 7" and their first and everything else they release. 
A1 I Am The Dead
A2 F.O.A.D.
A3 You're Next
B1 Scorched Earth
B2 Haunted By