Wednesday, 8 July 2015

MAN IS THE BASTARD/BASTARD NOISE Our Earth's Blood Part V - 7" colour vinyl

Strictly limited to 500 copies - WILL NOT BE REPRESSED.
"Over 2 years in the making, "OUR EARTH'S BLOOD PT. V" v/a 7" e.p. continues the philosophical sound journey of BASTARD NOISE with veteran Japan-based sounds artists : GUILTY CONNECTOR, SHAYNE BOWDEN (transplanted from his home country of Australia), TOSHIJI MIKAWA (INCAPACITANTS), HIROSHI HASEGAWA (C.C.C.C./ASTRO), FACIALMESS (transplanted from his home country of England), K2, GOVERNMENT ALPHA, KATSURA MOURI, and MAKIKO SUDA (FLATIGIOUS IDIOSYCRACY IN THE DILAPIDATION)
Each track features extreme, complex, textural power electronics and vocals/lyrics expertly recorded and mixed/produced by BN producer Michael Rozon ("THE RED LIST", A CULTURE OF MONSTERS", "SKULLDOZER", etc.) Packaged in a high quality pocket sleeve and including a double sided insert with all the lyrics, the 7" comes in a brilliant "starburst" vinyl mixed color and is ready to assault ears & minds in a way no other recording of its' genre ever has. This 7" is limited to a strict 500 copies. The brutality continues.
1. Statement 1
2. Statement II
3. Statement III
4. Statement IV
5. Statement V
6. Statement VI
7. Statement VII
8. Statement VIII
9. Statement IX