Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bastard Noise - Skulldozer - CD ltd with extra tracks + Skulldozer T-Shirt

Bastard Noise - Skulldozer - CD + extra tracks - LIMITED WITH SKULLDOZER DOUBLE SIDED T SHIRT - 1 x medium 1 x small available.

1. Skulldozer 2. B.T.P 3. Seeing The Same Fate 4. 50 Million Light Years From...Bonus Track 5. Earth On A Stretcher 6. The Final Days...(Of Our Shit Species) 7. Rachel 8. Demise By Radiation - Bonus Track

 Fresh from the remnants of "A CULTURE OF MONSTERS", "SKULLDOZER" unleashes magnum power from start to finish. BASTARD NOISE' line-up features new member Aimee Artz on vocals and electronics joining stationary members CONNELL on drums/cymbals and WOOD on "FOUR STEEL GIRDERS" and vocals. "SKULLDOZER" is the next step is progressive brutality from BASTARD NOISE with material locked firmly in bulldozing rock and aggressive hardcore expression. With material ranging from 1:00 minute to over 13:00 minutes, this new body of work is as uncompromising as it is fresh. Again produced by MICHAEL ROZON, "SKULLDOZER" will melt minds and bubble skin on contact. The addition of Aimee has allowed "gas to be put on the fire" so to speak and propel "THE SKULL" to new heights. We hail her membership. "SKULLDOZER" IS the next level in musical power. "THE BRUTALITY CONTINUES..." 100 press pre-order limited wax.

Available at     https://blitzrecords.bigcartel.com/