Friday, 19 May 2017

Siege - 失われたセッション - Lost Session '91 7" EP smoke colour vinyl.

Siege - 失われたセッション - Lost Session '91 - 7" EP smoke colour vinyl.
Shipping from the USofA this week pre-orders are up - I will have just a handful of this limited repress on smoke colour vinyl with sticker - expensive import but very limited and a great item - if you want to indulge here is your local friendly record store -
Long believed to be lost… the infamous unreleased SIEGE recording. While going through the archives of WEYMOUTH ROCK PRODUCTIONS, a cassette was discovered labeled ‘SIEGE Quincy Session w/ Seth.’ Presented are four demo cuts that were meant to be the follow up to the legendary DROP DEAD cassette and CLEANSE THE BACTERIA compilation tracks. The original masters were damaged and completely unsalvageable.
SIEGE-Lost Session ’91
1. Death & Taxes
2. Disregard
3. New World Order
4. Cameras
Rough audio painstakingly restored by Lucky Lacquers.
Limited second pressing on clear/black smoke color vinyl.
Guitars: Kurt Habelt
Drums: Robert Williams
Bass: Hank McNamee
Vocals: Seth Putnam