Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Repos - Armed And Using - Sick Club Vol 4 - 7''

1 time press of 500 copies with no repress long out of print - 400 copies on black vinyl- 100 copies on red/yellow vinyl

The 4th volume of the Sick Club series is filled by Chicago's own local legends THE REPOS. I feel by now I don't need to explain who this band is and what they sound like so know I am not going to. If you know and follow even just decent HC at all in the last so many years, you'd at least just know who this band is. After breaking up in 2008, but re-emerging in late 2010 as a new band called THE ROPES, the band quietly released some demos and a 7'' upon the world. Come sometime in later 2012, the band name 'THE ROPES' was already taken by some crap band from Rhode Island who of course threatened legal action since they couldn't cut it themselves and were too ego struck to let it be taken, so the guys went back to using the old REPOS moniker once more. These are 2, brand new EXCLUSIVE tracks on this Sick Nick Club 7'' aka 'Armed and Using' and 'Hole In the Hill', and like the others in the series a 1 time press of 500 copies with no repress, records are nestled in a hand assembled glue pocket cover too designed by Chicago art stalwart Ryan Lowry.

Cülo/Tenement - Split EP - 7"

Long out of print first press on coloured vinyl with poster - black vinyl first press and second press on clear coke vinyl

Culo: A full side of raging, angry, smokin’ hardcore that’ll warm the cockles of anyone who thinks bands like Negative Approach are swell, if a wee bit too slow. If I had to narrow it down to a single word, “unrelenting” about sums it up. Tenement: Shit, I was feelin’ sorry for these kids for having to follow the Culo stuff, but they more than handle their shit here, delivering two tracks of pitch perfect, early Midwestern-sounding poppy punk (not pop punk) with loud guitars and the kinda songwriting that sticks in your head for days on end. This, my friends, is how a split should be in an ideal world—two white-hot bands aiming for the fences and delivering the goods in spades. –Jimmy Alvarado (Cowabunga)

A1 Tenement – Your Life Or Mine
A2 Tenement – Violent Outlet
B1 Cülo – I Don't Wanna Listen
B2 Cülo – I Don't Wanna Go To Psych Ward B
B3 Cülo – Antisocial Creep
B4 Cülo – Victim Of The Normal Life

School Jerks ‎– Nothing Else - 7" colour vinyl

School Jerks ‎– School Jerks - Riff Raff Records ‎– RR-05 - 2009

After the demise of Toronto, Canada's Terminal State, half the band formed Reprobates and the other formed School Jerks, who now play a raw and gritty style of punk that mixes "Jealous Again"-era Black Flag and Angry Samoans with a lethal dose of hardcore fury.

A Nothing Else
B1 Stray
B2 Passed Out

Integrity/Rot In Hell- Split - 2 X 7" test press

Integrity/Rot In Hell- Split - 2 X 7" test press
rare 2 x 7" test pressing with cloth badge and full gatefold cover and book limited to 15 copies only - hand written labels 15/15
The ongoing nationwide campaign of Holy Terror is set to escalate beyond your feeble comprehension with this landmark document. This forthcoming collaboration between notorious global agitators Integrity and zeitgeist grabbing facilitators Rot In Hell features new and exclusive recordings unique to this release.
Packaged within a hardback book of endtime fairytales, collated & illustrated by the infamous Dwid Hellion, this double 7" pack features two new recordings from each unit. Dovetailing this genre defining work, an additional 7" on coloured vinyl, containing a caustic narrative of the book by Dwid himself
INTEGRITY “VVaiting For The Sun To Burn Out My Eyes”
INTEGRITY “Black Heksen Rise”
ROT IN HELL “Erebus”
ROT IN HELL “Life Becomes A Desert Around You”
Dwid Hellion “VVhere Does The Fire Come From?”
INTEGRITY “VVaiting For The Sun To Burn Out My Eyes”
(acoustic narration version)
Dwid Hellion “Process of Prayer”