Friday, 8 November 2019

MENSTRUAL BLOOD (KEIKETSU) - Scapegoat - 12" Japan

PRE-ORDER - December 11, 2019 release - available here
Currently sold out and even resold at premium prices, KEIKETSU's 1st album Scapegoat, released in 2017 by the member's own Hikan Label, will be repressed in LP format in a limited edition of 500! KEIKETSU made their presence known, immediately selling out their 3- way split between NO NO NO and EYESCREAM and then releasing their 7 "single Double Bind in rapid succession.Fans who've checked their releases should know that the backbone of KEIKETSU is far from simple.In this age when we are overfed information on punk and hardcore, bands can develop a taste for something unique to intrigue us.Speaking of Scapegoat, this work displays a feel for the course of change KEIKETSU experienced to become the band they are now. stems from a deep conflict.Although sometimes damn near crazy, lyrics in their native Japanese shed light on a certain "humanness" and a worldview with a glimpse of true reality.Like shadows shaped under a bright sun, we must confront what is exposed to us--but the hidden charm of listening to our native language is exactly this.
A1. Watashiha badass Kunai
A3.Dis Ritai
A4. Discarded in the manhole
A5. Nightmare
A6. Stop thinking
A7. Menstrual blood
A8. Suffocation
B1. Dysfunctional family
B2. Blood from the crotch
B3. Lamentations
B4. Rafurezu
B5 .Nai
B6. !
B7.Betrayal city

Firewalker - Firewalker - CD Japan.

Firewalker - Firewalker - CD Japan.
PRE-ORDER - - release about 30th November - available here
Firewalker from Boston, whose lineup is all-women and who puts forward feminist issues. The band really stands out with its’ vocals: many hardcore frontwomen use more high-pitched voices, but Firewalker’s singer has a truly aggressive and deep singing style. A badass and high-energy CD.
When Justice Tripp (TRAPPED UNDER ICE, ANGEL DU$T) and Brendan Yates (TURNSTILE) signed FIREWALKER on their Pop Wig Records label a couple of years ago, it was obvious they are a band to watch. Sophie Hendry’s blackened vocals blended with some raw 80s hardcore harshness made it really unique and the band’s previous recordings have already achieved a balance between seething chaos and hidden vulnerability.. Firewalker have sure made a hell of a lot of noise off of a demo and a promo tape. The Boston hardcore band (think Ball of Destruction-era brutality) has a lot in common with Sheer Terror, Outburst and much of the infamous New Breed comp artists; but they're a whole different animal, employing the almost death metal-esque shredded throat of Sophie Hendry with a finished product that's as if Paul Bearer fronted early Agnostic Front or early Breakdown. It's wild, muscular and brutal stuff.
1. Loaded Dice
2. Barking Up The Wrong Tree
3. Fire Walk
4. Change
5. Darken My Door
6. Something in the Air
7. Nothing Left
8. Sicker than You
9. This City
10. Don't Cross Me
11. Scorcher
12. Role Model
13. Out of Time
14. Cyanide
15. The Roll Call
16. I'm So Free
17. The Mystery
18. Spirits Roam…