Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Pistol Joke - I Am I, Fucker - cassette tape

Pistol Joke - I am I, fucker! cassette tape - noise pogo punk from Niigata, Japan - few copies available at

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The U.K - 7" 30th anniversary reissue

Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The U.K - 7" 30th anniversary reissue - couple of copies of this long deleted reissue available for 3.99 each at 

30th anniversary reissue single on heavy vinyl with original artwork. 
A. Anarchy In The U.K./B. I Wanna Be Me

Friday, 16 January 2015

Man Is The Bastard-A Call For Consciousness/Our Earths Blood-10" colour vinyl

Man is the Bastard "A call for Consciousness" release on one side and "Our Earth's Blood" on the other side" 10" 700 on purple wax and 300 on Green wax.
The mysterious noise rock combo known as Man Is the Bastard was a project put together by Eric Wood and Joel Connell after they had left hardcore outfit Pissed Happy Children. Dubbing the band "power violence," the sound was a brutal mix of complicated technical riffing and straight-up hardcore. Making things even more interesting were the member's interest in the burgeoning noise scene, something that affected their music greatly. The group lasted until 1997, when they mutually decided that if they continued they would no longer make quality music. The members still work together on projects, including Wood's Bastard Noise projects.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Siege - Drop Dead - 12"-30th Anniversary Edition-green vinyl

SIEGE 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION...RESTORED DEFINITIVE SOUND...WITH ORIGINAL SESSIONS' OUTTAKES - Green Opaque Wax - includes all the trax from the previous presses.
Siege was an American hardcore punk band from Weymouth, Massachusetts. They were active in the 1980s Boston hardcore scene from 1983 to 1985, and reunited briefly in the early 1990s.
Siege’s unprecedented level of extreme hardcore punk was some of the fastest and heaviest of its time, incorporating lightning fast tempos, chord changes, vocal delivery, and blast beats into its style, thus setting the stage for the emerging grindcore scene. And though rather short-lived and little-known during their existence, subsequent musicians have cited the group as a profound influence, including the famous British grindcore band Napalm Death and the American powerviolence band Dropdead, whose name was derived from the title of Siege’s demo of the same name.

Reproach/Citizens Patrol - split 7" - grey/purple vinyl

REPROACH / CITIZENS PATROL SPLIT 7" CITIZENS PATROL from the Netherlands deliver 4 new songs of NEGATIVE APPROACH, DRI or TEAR IT UP, . REPROACH from Belgium are know for their crude and angry hc punk somewhere between INFEST and DEAD STOP - two new songs. Two of Europes most active skate- / thrash- / fast- / 80s hc bands, that team up 500 press only. grey or purple wax

Sunday, 4 January 2015


All at £1.99 each available at
Burning Love - Demo - 7" Purple vinyl
Young Governor - Firing Squad - 7"
Authorities - Soundtrack For Trouble - 7" EP
Illegal By Choice - 7" benefit EP exclusive tracks by Meanwhile/Asta Kask/Victims/Kvoteringen.
The Shirks - Cry Cry Cry - 7"
Young Republicans ‎– Sabotage Your Cookout - 7"
Brain F# - So Dim - 7"
Deep Sleep - Paranoid Futures EP - 7"
Black Market Baby - Potential Suicide - 7"
Bloodtype - S/T - 7" red/black vinyl
Vile Nation ‎– No Exit - 7" white vinyl
Chainsaw To The Face - S/T - 7" Clear vinyl
Slobs - Look Busy Do Nothing - 7"
Voorhees/Radio Alice - Split - 7" splatter vinyl
Vacant State ‎– Internal Conflict E.P. - 7"
Terminal State - Sick - 7"
Slavescene - Fuck Off Away From Me - 7" red vinyl
Marvelous Darlings - I'll Stand By Her - 7"
Suspect Parts - Seventeen Television - 7" blue vinyl
Young Offenders - Big Man,Small House - 7" clear vinyl
Molested Youth ‎– Molested Youth - 7"
Motherfucker 666 - She's Outta The Scene - 7" white vinyl
Black Lungs ‎– Valley Of The Dolls - 7"
Mature Situations - Old Hands - 7" pink vinyl
Decay After Death- System Fucking Bastards EP - 7" white vinyl
Technicolor Teeth - Sage EP - 7" peach vinyl
Sweet Tooth - Blister Music - 7" flexi EP 
Young Identities - New Trends EP - 7"
Acephalix - S/T - 7"
Vendetta ‎– Fight EP - 7"
Cold War - Bloody Nights - 7" colour vinyl
Landmine Marathon - S/T - 7" white vinyl
Lonewolves - A True Discourse - 7" colour vinyl
Suffer The Pain - Face Of Doom 7"
Kakafoni - Seizures EP - 7" 
Bring The Drones - Bordello Hospital EP - 7"
Brown Sugar- Luvly EP - 7"
Rational Animals - Gabrielle - Sick Nick Club Vol 2  - 7'' 
The NARCS - Long Hot Summer - 7" blue vinyl 
Sick/Tired - S/T EP - 7" white/black vinyl /80
Male Nurses -Wanna Play Doctor - 7" Sick Nick Club /400

Friday, 2 January 2015

Who Killed Spikey Jacket? -s/t - cassette

Who Killed Spikey Jacket? -s/t cassette reissue (originally in 2012 as LP by Total Fucker) - PRE-ORDER  - AVAILABLE IN A FEW WEEKS

Boston pogo punk attack for all who's into Japanese classic pogo bands (Discocks, Tom and Boot Boys, Pogo Machine, Shit-Faced etc), UK82  and the best 90's street punk bands!

Alternate cassette stickers and bonus stickers included!

Snøb - Exploit Me EP - cassette

Snøb - Exploit Me EP on cassette PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE IN A FEW WEEKS.
6 tracks of  old school US styled hardcore fucking punk in the vein of Poison Idea, Gang Green, Jerry's Kids, SS Decontol and other classic bands from Canadian punk band! Including members of Koszmar, Violent Nun and Systematik!!!
Originally as a 7" on Hardware Records from Germany.