Friday, 25 March 2011

No Comment - Common Senseless - 7" EP + badge

No Comment - Common Senseless - Deepsix reissue black vinyl with insert and free 'Common Senseless' button badge.
No Comment, for those who may have missed the boat, No Comment is powerviolence before it had a name and, therefore, is not shitty like the glut of bands unsuccessfully attempting to achieve the sound. This shit is extremely fast hardcore, somewhat similar to Infest, but better. I said it. Gone are the somewhat awkward samples of political speeches from their demo tape and, in their place, is better production and a tighter sound. While not quite as perfect as their masterpiece, Downsided, this 7" trumps most everything else from the era - thanx to icoulddietommorrow.
Release: 1989/2010
Label: Deepsix Records
1. For Tommorow's Sake
2. Saying Uncle
3. A Mother's Crime
4. Community Slugs
5. In The Name Of Stupidity
6. Farmer John Hitler
7. World Of Difference
8. Special Circumstances
9. Open Face Down

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No Comment - Downsided - 7" EP

DOWNSIDED 7" EP - black vinyl in poster sleeve.
Reissued at last on Deepsix eleven short bursts of anger in seven minutes equipped with some of the best drumming you will ever hear. If you are at all interested in Powerviolence, west coast hardcore of the early 90s, Slap-a-Ham records, or just punk in general, you need to hear Downsided. This 7" is the best Powerviolence release. Period. I dare you to try and find a better hardcore record from this era - thanx to icoulddietommorow.
Label: Deepsix Records
Cat. #: 120
Released: 1992/2010
1. Dead Stare for Life
2. Past Tense
3. Sarcastics
4. Distant
5. Hurt
6. Hacked to Chunks
7. Lament
8. Soiled by Hate
9. Downsided
10. Push Down & Turn
11. Curtains

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