Thursday, 25 October 2012

Man Is The Bastard/Aunt Mary - Dis-Corporation The Power Of Hash/Gnu - 10"

Deep Six Records – 10" Clear Pink vinyl limited to 70 copies only worldwide - 2012

Includes poster and thick card insert
A1 Man Is The Bastard – Existence Decay A2 Man Is The Bastard – Secret Surgery A3 Man Is The Bastard – Attempt To Damage A4 Man Is The Bastard – Smile Trick A5 Man Is The Bastard – T.D.T A6 Man Is The Bastard – Once Upon A... A7 Man Is The Bastard – Shoes Of Cement A8 Man Is The Bastard – (Tony Williams) Strifetime A9 Man Is The Bastard – H.S.M.P B1 Aunt Mary – Gnu

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Extortion - Control EP - 7" Green vinyl

Limited to 100 on clear green vinyl

NO MOTIVE/USELESS/UNIFORM/CURL UP AND DIE/BOUND AND GAGGED/MOUNTAIN OF SHIT/DOWNWARD/GERMS/DEMOLITION Finally available again through DEEP SIX RECORDS after being out of print for a couple of years. One of the best EXTORTION 7"s, and probably the release that put them on the map for a lot of people. Essential stuff. Modern powerviolence. Australia's finest. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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Extortion/Agents Of Abhorrence - Split EP - 7" Green vinyl

Limited to 100 copies on clear green vinyl

Two of Australia's top powerviolence purveyors meet in a death match to decide continental violence supremacy on this split, with Extortion playing with a Crossed Out influence and Agents Of Abhorrence bringing more of a grinding style.
TRACK LISTING: 1. Extortion - Falling Apart 2. - Outside 3. - Masses 4. - Bloodshot Eyes 5. - Wrong Again 6. - All Fucked Up 7.- Drown 8. Agents Of Abhorrence - Loaded 9 -Mad-Made Maze 10. - Mint 11. - Puddles

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Fast Asleep - S/T - LP - grey vinyl

Limited to 50 copies only on grey marbled vinyl with lyric insert

Fast Asleep a new band with Chuck Platt of Good Riddance on bass and vocals and Andy from The Nerve Agents and The Distillers on drums they have a very fast paced Power Violence, almost 90s Jenny Piccolo, mix with a classic C.O.C. sound.

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