Thursday, 30 January 2014

Electric Funeral - D-beat Noise Attack

2014 official reissue of the long time sold out first demo cassette "D-beat Noise Attack" with Electric Funeral.
Its a 3d demo tape ( originally recorded & released in 2010) from Swedish buddy Jocke ( Warvictims, Desperat, D-Takt & Råpunk Records), the only person who doe's all EF stuff. Its still total insane Swedish d-beat with wall of noise guitar attack. For all fans of noisy stuff loke Disclose, Warvictims, Giftgasattack, Lebenden Toten etc. Its totally approved by Jocke and what's more.
A1.Hellish Afterworld A2.End Of All Life  A3.Next Generation A4.Bomb Raid A5.D-beat Noise Attack A6.Equal Slaves A7.Destroy And Rebuild A8.Fight Back


Nerveskade - S/T

Self-titled long play album released on LP and tapes in 2010 from Portland glue huffer punks NERVESKADE! Here's pro-printedreissue edition! Filthiest agressive attack of DISORDER/CHAOS UK styled sound plus japanese noiz punk in these songs! 50 copies made!
Get your ears bleed!

Outside Of Society
Mind Control
Empty Plate
Waiting For Death
Nerve Damage
Forced To Live
Brain Damage
Walking Waste

Bombsplinter - No One Survives

pro-printed second tape No One Survives from LA rawpunx Bombsplinter (after first demo and cd-r released before) which sounds like scandi hardcore of 80's in nowadays! We can see straightforward analogy of swedish raw hardcore punx Crude SS in artwork and it's done really amazing! For all fans of Moderat Likvidation, Discharge, Svart Parad and Crude SS must have!

1.History Of Violence 2.Bombsplinter 3.Forgotten Victims 4.Symbol Of Gain 5.Nuclear Threat 6.No One Survives 7.Life Of Chaos

Funeral Parade - Demo

This is the pro-printed reissue of the only demo 2010 tape from PDX anarchopunk/goth-punk band Funeral Parade. Featuring members of Bellicose Minds, Nerveskade,Bog People, Zatsuon and others they recorded 5 songs or dark anarchopunk with some post-punk/goth-pubk tunes, sounds like Part 1 (the title Funeral Parade was taken after single-named song of Part 1), later Deathcharge, The Mob, Lost Tribe plus The Cure/ UK Decay. The atmosphere on the tape is brilliant!

A1 The Light A2 Lost A3 Eyes Of Madmen A4 Twisted Games A5 For You