Friday, 25 April 2014

EEL - Endless Fucker - 7" EP

EEL - Endless Fucker - 7" EP

Noisy Japanese influenced PUNK from Pittsburgh, PA.

This is the European 7" version of the endless fucker session,the US 12" on Konton Crasher and Mindcure with a different cover. 8 songs of DrillmessMadnessViolentPunkerScum,which leave you highly uncomfortable,somewhere along the lines of Cleveland hc meets UK 82,meets Japan:TOTALY RECKING PUNK CORE,with everybodys destructo punx Jimmy R from GSMF/Annihilation,Eric Direct Control,Government Warning etc.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Bring The Drones - Bordello Hospital EP - 7"

Bring The Drones - Bordello Hospital EP


All-star D-beat / punk pack from Sweden (and UK ...) with Dennis (Doom) on vocals, Ted (Gamla Pengar) on guitar and Charlie (Anti Cimex) on drums. Raw and aggressive ride in the vein of old good Anti Cimex / Discharge but with present sound. New band with old blood. And they know how to kick your ass!

Kakafoni - Seizures EP - 7"


US vs Sweden, band with Dissekerad guitarist / Makabert Fynd singer vs. guys from Hellkontroll, Gasmiasma and current Eyehategod drummer. 
Classic scandinavian d-beat / punk in the vein of Anti Cimex / Mob 47. Raw, fast and aggressive. Pressed only 300 copies

Lögnare Vid Bordet

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Voice From Inside - Ukrainian D.I.Y. zine issue No.4

Superb 60 page zine from the Ukraine, normally written in Russian - this time all in English - with artwork by STEVE OF WAR - great interview with AMEBIX plus articles, reports, gigs, news on SEE YOU IN HELL, CANCER SPREADING, BONEHUNTER, NUCLEAR DEVASTATION, REPRESSION ATTACK, ISKRA, MEINHOF, SUFFERING MINDS and much more.