Monday, 15 June 2015

Finnish Spunk/Hard Beat - LP blue vinyl - Riistetyt-Valtion vankina- LP hot pink vinyl - 013: Takaisin todellisuuteen LP + 7"- green vinyl

In today - superb packaging as always from these guys - few left at all pre-orders will ship this week.
Finnish Spunk/Hard Beat - LP blue vinyl - With insert and two superb gig posters - this is the BLUE vinyl limited edition.
Pressing info:300 x black - 200 x blue
Official reissue of the rare Finnish hardcore punk compilation from 1984. Originally licensed by Propaganda Records to notorious German label Rock-A-Rama, never released anywhere else. The Svart reissue contains the original band photo insert plus two repro gig posters.
1. RIISTETYT: Haluun kuolemaa
2. RIISTETYT: Tuomiopäivä
3. BASTARDS: Maailma palaa
4. BASTARDS: Lopun alku
5. H.I.C. SYSTEEMI: Sinivalkoinen lama
6. KAAOS: Uskonsota
7. DESTRUCKTIONS: Kenellä on valta? (first version)
8. VAURIO: Ajattele
9. VAURIO: Sortoa & vainoa
10. POIKKEUSTILA: Sankaripeli
11. RAPPIO: Katson maailmaa
12. APPENDIX: Painajainen
13. VARAUS: Syyllinen
14. VARAUS: Raiskattu (second version)
15. KLIMAX: Suvivirsi (anonymous)
16. KLIMAX: Moskova
17. LAHDEN RAIVAUS: Vapaa maa
18. NUSSIVAT NUNNAT: Mikkeli über alles
19. SKITZO: Vapauttava kuolema
20. SKITZO: Häkki
21. 013: Takaisin todellisuuteen (1982 version)
22. TERVEET KÄDET: Musta jumala (live)
23. TERVEET KÄDET: Outo maa (live)
Riistetyt-Valtion vankina- LP hot pink vinyl
Gatefold jacket, booklet. This is the HOT PINK vinyl.
Pressing info:300 x black - 200 x hot pink
Riistetyt's debut LP Valtion vankina ("As A Prisoner of State") epitomises the underground movement known as Finnish -82 hardcore punk. Regardless of the album's undisputed classic status, its availability and reissue history during its 33 years of existence have been patchy at best. Released on Propaganda Records in 1982 and reissued on the US label Havoc in 2005, only a portion of the very first 1982 pressing included a booklet with lyrics and artwork. The Svart reissue contains a repro of the booklet and comes in a gatefold cover with liner notes from singer Lateri.
013: Takaisin todellisuuteen LP + 7"- green vinyl
013 were short-lived but hugely influential and full of cult potential. The three-piece from Pukkila, Finland, partook in the Propaganda EP in 1981 (reissued by Svart in 2013) and the legendary Russia Bombs Finland compilation LP the following year. The band's only standalone release, the LP Takaisin todellisuuteen, was released on Propaganda Records in 1983, and the band split up shortly after. Original copies change hands for hundreds of dollars these days.
The Svart reissue presents the album as close to the original as possible, and expands the original artwork into a gatefold, also adding a bonus 7" inch, which contains compilation tracks, thus making this release a complete 013 discography.