Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Extreme Noise Terror - Extreme Noise Terror - LP colour vinyl.

Extreme Noise Terror - Extreme Noise Terror - LP colour vinyl.
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U.K.'s legendary crust-punk grind legends Extreme Noise Terror return with a new full-length! Heavy-ass-f*ck and pissed off grind is what defines the ENT sound, and this album further cements their status as the reigning kings of the crust-punk world. Includes OUTO cover of "I Like Cola" mailorder limited wax available.
Among the kings of the late '80s UK hardcore scene, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, indisputably deserve their name to be written in big black capitol letters. After speeding up, together with Napalm Death, Doom, Hellbastard and the likes, what Discharge created back in the early Eighties and inspiring a whole generation of crust bands, EXTREME NOISE TERROR are back in 2015 with a new full length recorded last year. It's hard to believe this new masterpiece doesn't come from the same 1991 sessions as this is totally Phonophobia-core. This new self titled record sounds exactly as the old E.N.T. tunes we all fell in love with, so what you have to expect is the usual overdose of throat-cutting double vocals, thrashy heavy rotten sounding guitar riffs, helicopter-ish bass and turbo aggressive fast beats. For those who still don't believe it, I'm reporting what Dean Jones wrote us introducing the record: "The new album is back to total old school ENT (Earslaughter, Holocaust, Phonophobia) No Metal, No Blasts. Total pure ripping, ultra fast H/C Punk the way it originally was". And this is what their new singer Ben wants to state about his feelings towards the record: "I was a big fan of ENT as a teen, long before I joined, specifically of A Holocaust In Your Head and Phonophobia. If I was going to compare this new album to anything the band’s done before I’d say it sits nicely with those two. Catchy as fuck aggressive ultra hardcore punk riffs, fast frantic drumming and mental vocals; I don’t think Dean’s ever sounded as insane as he does on this one! It’s raw as fuck too, no click tracks or fixing-in-the-mix type shit, instead the drums, bass and guitars were done live with the leads added after and me and Dean sharing a mic going through a 76 year old analogue valve amp. We’re all hugely proud of this album, its a proper call to arms and a brutal statement that the band’s music and message is every bit as relevant today as when it was formed 30 years ago”. This record is totally in memory of their beloved singer Phil Vane who sadly passed away in 2011. Rest In Peace Phil and long live EXTREME NOISE TERROR!

A1 Punk Rock Patrol 2:12
A2 Dogma, Intolerance, Control 1:26
A3 No One Is Innocent 3:33
A4 I Like Coca (Outo "I Like Cola") 2.06
A5 Think Outside The Box 1:27
A6 Chained & Crazed 1:48
A7 An Endless Cycle Of Misery 1:57
B1 Sheep In Wolf's Clothing 1:46
B2 Cash And Trash 1:36
B3 Cruel And Unusual Punishment 2:12
B4 Last Fix Of Fame 1:51
B5 Cage Paralysis 2:04
B6 Only In It For The Music Pt 27(Black Putrefaction) 2:03

Sick/Tired-Sea Of Shit - split LP purple vinyl.

Sick/Tired-Sea Of Shit - split LP purple vinyl.
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Sick/Tired split with Sea of Shit North Coast grindcore/powerviolence onslaught. "Chicago lowlifes team up on this one to release their strongest, most pulverizing, bitter cold material to date." Mailorder copies available on purple (first press)

Side 1–Sick/Tired - Sulthan 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Stubborn Faith 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - the Body Doesn't Know the Difference 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Human Ordure 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Autodefensas 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Difficult Father 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Dress Up 
Side 1–Sick/Tired -Threat Display 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Industrial Suicide 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Fresh Kills 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Spies 
Side 1–Sick/Tired - Multinational Corporations 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Intrusive Thoughts 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Societal Woes 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Disconnected Belief System 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Bridge Burner 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Martyr Complex 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Resurgence 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Posturing 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Manufactured Compulsion 
Side 2–Sea Of Shit - Underbelly

Tom And Boot Boys/Mutant Itch split 7" black/pink vinyl.

Tom And Boot Boys/Mutant Itch split 7" black/pink vinyl.
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550 total pressed 
122 on Pink Vinyl 
428 on Black Vinyl

"Long time Japanese pogo punk veterans Tom and Boot Boys contribute 2 tracks. The first being an all out hardcore assault while the second being a more traditional 1-2,1-2 bounce up and down number. Brilliant stuff. After 2 demos and a 3 way split tour tape Mutant Itch from Fresno,CA give us 2 tracks of their brand of noise punk insanity. Noisy noisy stuff but with a certain groove that also makes it super catchy!!!! Pretty cool lyrics to boot! Very cool outside(Nori/TABB) & inside(Gurpaul/Mutant Itch) artwork.
A1–Tom And Boot Boys - You Never Give Up For Your Life 
A2–Tom And Boot Boys - 1,2 Song 
B1–Mutant Itch - Chaos In My Mind 
B2–Mutant Itch - Pussycat