Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Loose Prick - Valkoiset sotilaat - LP

Limited to 300 on white vinyl with gatefold cover.
Loose Prick, the classic punk quartet from Kouvola, Finland, kicked off their career with two seven inches at the tail end of the seventies and then put out the debut full length 'Valkoiset sotilaat' on Poko Records in the summer of 1980. From three-chord punk rock blasters to slight experimentation and new wave influences, the album is a stone cold cult classic. It has not been reissued in its original form since 1980, until now.
The Svart reissue is 24-bit mastered for vinyl from the original tapes and comes in a gatefold jacket, which features liner notes by the band and some unseen photos.
The LP is available on standard black and limited white vinyl.
A1 Jokin Meni Vikaan
A2 Likaiset Enkelit
A3 Kai Me Oikein Tehtiin
A4 Sä Pelkäät
A5 Mikään Ei Saa Mua Jäämään
A6 Kaupunki Peittyy Taas Pimeään
A7 Valkoiset Sotilaat
B1 Ota Mua Kädestä
B2 Odotan, Että Jotain Tapahtuisi
B3 Ennen Pimeää
B4 Niin Usein
B5 Yöt Kanssasi
B6 Enkelitkin Ovat Vaienneet

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Kohu-63 - Lisää verta historiaan - LP + 7"

Limited to 300 on red vinyl with bonus 7", 12 page booklet and stencil insert.
Kohu-63 is one of the more notorious Finnish hardcore bands, famous for vocalist Lättä's prison sentence for manslaughter in 1983 a few months after the release of the band's debut full length album Lisää verta historiaan. The LP was a luxurious package for its time and genre, it featured a 12 page A4 booklet and a 12" insert meant to be used as a graffiti stencil. Kohu-63 went on hiatus for a couple of years with Lättä in prison, so the buzz around the band died down and the album became one of the rarest Finnish hardcore LPs. Copies with both inserts intact change hands for sums up to 200 euros.
The Svart reissue is otherwise an exact repro of the original - with the booklet and the stencil - apart from the addition of a one-sided 7". It consists of rare uncensored versions of two songs which appeared on the album in censored form: "Poliisit on verisii persereikii" (The police are bloody assholes) and "Me ollaan jumalia" (We are gods). When the label heard the recording sessions, the band were requested to change the profane lyrics of these blatant anti-authoritarian and anti-religious ditties. Kohu-63 recorded new versions of these tracks in later years, but the original -82 uncensored versions remained unreleased. Until now, that is.
A1 Rakkaus On Sairautta 1:47
A2 Lisää Verta Historiaan 1:46
A3 Sotaa 0:57
A4 Valtaa III 1:27
A5 Turmellus 2:45
A6 Ihmisii? 1:46
A7 Teillä Ei Oo Maailmaa 1:53
A8 Tulevaisuus Lohduttaa 2:19
B1 Tääkö On Vapautta 1:29
B2 Me Ollaan Jumalia 1:15
B3 Olet Täydellinen 1:51
B4 Valtaa IV 1:30
B5 Kyllästynyt 2:22
B6 Näytä Niille 1:25
B7 Kaatakaa Rauhanjuna 1:35
B8 Punakaartilaisten Marssi

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Brown Sugar- Luvly EP - 7"

Limited to 60 copies only worldwide on maroon/magenta vinyl
Here's the Buffalo band's latest material and this is also some of their strongest output. Musically it sounds like it could have bridged the gap between the Deportation EP and the Birds/Racism LP, SERIOUSLY. I'd rank this as my 2nd fave release by the guys. It's as punk as the 1st 7'' but as weird as the LP at the same time. I really don't know what else to tell you here, if you are already aware of this band and as into them as much as I am I don't need to sell you on this. No insert was made by the band so please don't ask about it because I can't help you. Printed on reverse covers (can't say board as its not an LP cover) so the gloss is on the inside and the unfinished side is what was printed on of course. Yeah, there's limited COLOR wax for the early birds/nerd scum. A Maroonish MAGENTA is what was made here, I will have about 60 copies to offer so act fast if you want one. - Nick Sick Cowabunga Records.

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Sweet Tooth- Blister Music - 7" flexi EP

Limited to 100 only world wide on red vinyl
Okay, so where this is a format I never wanted to do due to personal issues I have with flexis, I do oblige by a band's wishes. It was this or maybe a 1 sided 7'' and felt less dirty with this option. This was recorded a year ago and took a long time to come out on both ends, but it finally made it! I actually prefer this short record (3 minutes) most of all from the Toof as its short, nasty and sweet- no pun intended. And as far as a flexi recording sound goes, this works pretty good and actually sounds good for a flexi. All a matter of opinion of course. Comes in a regular cardstock foldover cover and even has an insert,, so its treated like a regular release and not just a flexi in a polybag. And there's even a COLOR option here- RED or BLACK. Red is more limited of course to 100, so please specify. This is a 1 time press of 400 flexis and not small pressed as a gimmick, just seemed right to not overdo it. - Nick Sick Cowabunga Records.

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Saturday, 17 November 2012

To The Point - Success In Failure - 7"

PURPLE VINYL with poster
One time press limited to 314 copies (No wholesale), hand numbered in blood. Unknown amount on purple vinyl.
To The Point - "Success In Failure" Great Review by OPERATION GRINDCORE
Guys, I'm really having a hard time deciding what my favorite EP of the year is. I've definitely narrowed it down to 3, this being one of them. I'm sure you've all heard of To The Point by now; the unstoppable group comprised of members of Actuary, Fetus Eaters, Lack Of Interest and Spazz. Caveman powerviolence. "Success In Failure" is their 2nd EP this year, a beautiful 1-sided 7" in what will probably be a series of EP's of this nature (their previous EP was also 1-sided). Honestly, this new one blows the first completely out of the water for me. And I'm really not sure why. Maybe it's because now I knew what to expect, whereas with the first, the release really was kind of shrouded in mystery. No audio clips, not a nothing was presented before the release. Now, I know the type of noise To The Point bring, and it's a style that I just absolutely love. Total and complete Lack Of Interest-core. Everything that made LoI great is executed perfectly in To The Point, which is no surprise given the people involved. I guess it you could say that there's a distracting lack of originality here, but fuck that noise, because this EP is the jam. Just as the band name advertises, these guys don't fuck around and give you nothing but the best stop/start, hard blasting songs that you're likely to hear all year. The musicianship here is tighter than a nuns nether regions, and the songs are crafted just how you would expect seasoned veterans of this style to make them; perfectly. I just love hearing Bob bash the shit out of a drum kit. Dude really blasts like no other, he definitely has captured a sound that is uniquely his own, with the very dry drum tone and super hard attack. It's also great to hear Chris Dodge, Caveman almighty, front a band again. Again, very early Lack Of Interest style vocals; gruff, low, and kind of cheesy. This 7" is nothing short of absolutely fantastic, and I highly suggest every single one of you to hunt it down and keep tabs on their upcoming releases.  To The Point - "Success In Failure": To The Point are one of my favorite new bands, a band that I will buy anything that they release. "Success In Failure" completely sold me on this band, it's a 7" that I completely fell in love with at first listen. Old-school powerviolence runs through the veins of all the members of this band, and they bash out quality song after quality song with years of experience to back them up. Listen to this band immediately and if you find this record, buy it without any hesitation.
A1 25. No Friend Of Bill W.
A2 15. In It For Life
A3 08. Free Ride
A4 13. Socially Inept Network
A5 05. Infected
A6 18. Decisions I Immediately Regret
A7 26. Faces Of Meth
Again as with the first 7" 'Mentally Checked Out' there is no wholesale available for anyone and is already sold out at Deep Six Records.

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Monday, 12 November 2012

Terveet Kädet - Ääretön joulu - 7" yellow/brown vinyl

Terveet Kädet: Ääretön joulu 7"

Limited to 300 copies on yellow/brown vinyl
This seven inch piece of vinyl, originally released by Poko Records in 1982, is a perennial favorite of ours, and also one of the most highly praised Finnish hardcore records. This band-approved 30th anniversary reissue comes in a gatefold jacket and features a 12-page booklet with news clippings, photos et cetera. Available on yellow/brown vinyl.

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Ypö-Viis - Me myytiin itsemme - 7"

Limited to 300 only on clear vinyl

Originally released in September 1979, this was the first Ypö-Viis seven inch for Poko Records. The Svart reissue is fully authorised and is mastered for vinyl from the original tapes. Available on limited clear and standard black vinyl.
Ypö-Viis made history in Finnish punk scene. They were the first punk band to have a self-released record out.

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Sensuuri - Kaupunki nukkuu - 7"

Limited to 300 copies only on red vinyl

Originally released in December 1979, this was Sensuuri's 2nd seven inch. The Svart reissue is fully authorised and is mastered for vinyl from the original tapes. Available on limited red and standard black vinyl.
Finnish punks Sensuuri ("Censorship"), infulenced by Ramones and Buzzcocks, released their first single in 1979 when the guys were only 15-16 years old. The a-side of Kirjoitan Seinään ("I Write On The Wall") was an instant hit with it's angsty lyrics and is now considered one of the classic tracks of finnish punk. A hastily made debut album was released later on same year for mixed reviews and then a couple of 7 inchers more, but nothing like the first single emerged and Sensuuri's career was over after only a year. Drummer Pasi Pakarinen joined later the Ramones style group Pojat and guitarist/songwriter Costello Hautamäki became a notable person in finnish rockscene, most known for his membership in "The Rolling Stones of Finland", Popeda.

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Karanteeni - Haluan toimintaa 7"

Limited to 300 copies only on yellow vinyl

Originally released in October 1979, this was Karanteeni's 3rd seven inch. The Svart reissue is fully authorised and is mastered for vinyl from the original tapes. Available on limited yellow and standard black vinyl.
A punk band from Tampere, Finland. Karanteeni was founded in 1978 by Konttinen brothers Hate and Rina. The band went through several lineup changes: a total of 18 people have been members of the group. Karanteeni split up in 1984 but still performs occasionally.

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Widows - Wall of Berlin - 7"

Limited to 300 copies only on grey vinyl

Originally released in December 1979, this was the 2nd Widows 7 inch and their first for Poko Records. The Svart reissue is fully authorised and is mastered for vinyl from the original tapes. Available on limited grey and standard black vinyl.
A punk band from Helsinki, Finland. Widows was founded in 1975 and released their first single in 1979. The band was one of the few Finnish punk bands with English lyrics. They released their only album in 1980 and split up soon after.

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Loose Prick - Kaupunki EP - 7"

Limited to 300 only on white vinyl

Originally released in December 1979, this was Loose Prick's 2nd seven inch. The Svart reissue is fully authorised and is mastered for vinyl from the original tapes. Available on limited white and standard black vinyl.
Some might recognize this band from the Bloodstains Across Finland comp. Leans a bit more to the melodic and catchy UK influence than the raw and snotty end of late 70's punk.
A punk band from Kouvola, Finland. Loose Prick was founded in 1977 and disbanded in 1982.

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Man Is The Bastard/Aunt Mary - Dis-Corporation The Power Of Hash/Gnu - 10"

Deep Six Records – 10" Clear Pink vinyl limited to 70 copies only worldwide - 2012

Includes poster and thick card insert
A1 Man Is The Bastard – Existence Decay A2 Man Is The Bastard – Secret Surgery A3 Man Is The Bastard – Attempt To Damage A4 Man Is The Bastard – Smile Trick A5 Man Is The Bastard – T.D.T A6 Man Is The Bastard – Once Upon A... A7 Man Is The Bastard – Shoes Of Cement A8 Man Is The Bastard – (Tony Williams) Strifetime A9 Man Is The Bastard – H.S.M.P B1 Aunt Mary – Gnu

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Extortion - Control EP - 7" Green vinyl

Limited to 100 on clear green vinyl

NO MOTIVE/USELESS/UNIFORM/CURL UP AND DIE/BOUND AND GAGGED/MOUNTAIN OF SHIT/DOWNWARD/GERMS/DEMOLITION Finally available again through DEEP SIX RECORDS after being out of print for a couple of years. One of the best EXTORTION 7"s, and probably the release that put them on the map for a lot of people. Essential stuff. Modern powerviolence. Australia's finest. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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Extortion/Agents Of Abhorrence - Split EP - 7" Green vinyl

Limited to 100 copies on clear green vinyl

Two of Australia's top powerviolence purveyors meet in a death match to decide continental violence supremacy on this split, with Extortion playing with a Crossed Out influence and Agents Of Abhorrence bringing more of a grinding style.
TRACK LISTING: 1. Extortion - Falling Apart 2. - Outside 3. - Masses 4. - Bloodshot Eyes 5. - Wrong Again 6. - All Fucked Up 7.- Drown 8. Agents Of Abhorrence - Loaded 9 -Mad-Made Maze 10. - Mint 11. - Puddles

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Fast Asleep - S/T - LP - grey vinyl

Limited to 50 copies only on grey marbled vinyl with lyric insert

Fast Asleep a new band with Chuck Platt of Good Riddance on bass and vocals and Andy from The Nerve Agents and The Distillers on drums they have a very fast paced Power Violence, almost 90s Jenny Piccolo, mix with a classic C.O.C. sound.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cülo ‎– Life Is Vile... And So Are We - LP

first press PINK VINYL - ‘Life is vile … and so are we’ compiles CULO’s three sold out 7”s (Nuke Abuse, Military Trend, and Toxic Vision) plus nine bonus tracks from the same recording sessions which were previously only available on limited tape releases or not at all. Total piss and vinegar hardcore delivered at high velocity and at no expense to catchy riffing. This is a hardcore punk monster and absolutely mandatory! Limited opaque pink vinyl. 100 made. Includes insert, poster and digital download coupon.
Toxic Vision 7" A1 Brain Cavity A2 Wasted On Wine A3 Neighboorhood Watch A4 Death Cülture A5 Toxic Vision
Military Trend 7"A6 I Don't Like Today A7 Shooting Glüe A8 Military Trend A9 Don't Care Part ll
Nuke Abuse 7" B1 Nüke Abüse B2 Walk Into Work/Shock Troops B3 Bad Head B4 Life's A Drag B5 No Drive B6 Kill The Pain B7 I'm A Mütant B8 Sübürban Vermin B9 Black Livers B10 Make Me Straight B11 Padded Hell B12 Solanüm Süicide B13 Hüman Progress B14 U.T.B. B15 I Used To Be The Shit B16 Hüman Wreck.

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Monday, 3 September 2012

Nolla Nolla Nolla: Oodeja simasuille 7" limited white vinyl

An authorised reissue of the band's first release from 1981. Features the original cover layout fitted on a gatefold jacket, plus a booklet with liner notes from the band - limited to 300 on white vinyl.
Perhaps best known as the first real band of Jore Vastelin, of Musta Paraati fame, Nolla Nolla Nolla (also known as 000) produced only an EP and an album during their two short bursts of activity. Having broken up in 1982 after the EP "Oodeja simasuille", they reformed briefly in 1984 to record an album. Their original blend of classic punk rock and Killing Joke -style post punk was not a popular concoction at that time, and it is only in later years that their legacy has grown into a cult.

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Sensuuri: Kirjoitan seinään 7" - Red vinyl limited to 300 copies

Originally released in April 1979 on Poko Records. Remastered from the original tapes.
Side A: Kirjoitan seinään Side B: Olen sokea
Finnish punks Sensuuri ("Censorship"), infulenced by Ramones and Buzzcocks, released their first single in 1979 when the guys were only 15-16 years old. The a-side of Kirjoitan Seinään ("I Write On The Wall") was an instant hit with it's angsty lyrics and is now considered one of the classic tracks of finnish punk. A hastily made debut album was released later on same year for mixed reviews and then a couple of 7 inchers more, but nothing like the first single emerged and Sensuuri's career was over after only a year. Drummer Pasi Pakarinen joined later the Ramones style group Pojat and guitarist/songwriter Costello Hautamäki became a notable person in finnish rockscene, most known for his membership in "The Rolling Stones of Finland", Popeda.

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Friday, 17 August 2012

Rational Animals - Gabrielle - 7" Sick Club Vol 2

Rational Animals- Sick Club Vol 2 - 7''

2nd in the Cowabunga Sick Club series - limited to 500 copies.

Gabrielle/Eating My Words
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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Musta Paraati - Peilitalossa - LP

Musta Paraati: Peilitalossa LP - white vinyl

Musta Paraati was the first gothic rock act in Finland, and their debut album Peilitalossa (1983) remains a timeless classic. The Svart reissue features a gatefold jacket and a detailed history of the band. Available on black and limited white vinyl.

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Rattus - WC räjähtää - LP

Rattus: WC räjähtää mLP

This is the first ever authorised reissue of the -82 Finnish hardcore punk classic. 24-bit mastered for vinyl from the original master tapes. Features a gatefold jacket with all original artwork + added photos from the era.

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Rattus - Uskonto on vaara - LP + bonus 7"

Rattus - Uskonto on vaara - LP + bonus 7"

One of the undisputed cornerstones of 80's Finnish hardcore, 'Uskonto on vaara' is back on vinyl where it belongs. Our version is remastered for vinyl from the original tapes and features a gatefold jacket. The band also recorded two cover tracks during the Uskonto sessions - Horror Business by Misfits and A Look At Tomorrow by Discharge. We rescued these tracks and added them as a bonus 7" single to the limited edition.

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Karanteeni - Kaljupäinen gangsteri - 7"

Karanteeni: Kaljupäinen gangsteri 7"grey vinyl

Originally released on Poko Records in 1978, Karanteeni's debut single consists of two tracks, Kaljupäinen gangsteri and Vihaan John Travoltaa. The Svart reissue is fully authorised and is mastered for vinyl from the original tapes. Available on limited grey and standard black vinyl.

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Loose Prick - Mua potkitaan päähän - 7"

Loose Prick: Mua potkitaan päähän 7" green vinyl
This is the debut single of Loose Prick from Kouvola, Finland, originally released on Poko Records in 1979. The Svart Records reissue has been 24-bit mastered for vinyl from the original tapes and is available on standard black and limited green vinyl.

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Kollaa Kestää: - Kollaa kostaa - 7"

Kollaa Kestää: Kollaa kostaa 7" clear vinyl

Originally released on Poko Records in 1978, Kollaa Kestää's second 7 inch platter is a five song EP. The Svart reissue is fully authorised and is mastered for vinyl from the original tapes. Available on limited ultra clear and standard black vinyl.

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Kollaa Kestää: - Kirjoituksia kellarista - 7"

Kollaa Kestää: Kirjoituksia kellarista 7" white vinyl

Originally released on Poko Records in 1979, Kollaa Kestää's debut single consists of two tracks, Kirjoituksia kellarista and Kuumat raiteet. The Svart reissue is fully authorised and is mastered for vinyl from the original tapes. Available on limited white and standard black vinyl.

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Terveet Kädet: - Ääretön joulu - 7"

Terveet Kädet: Ääretön joulu 7"

This seven inch piece of vinyl, originally released by Poko Records in 1982, is a perennial favorite of ours, and also one of the most highly praised Finnish hardcore records. This band-approved 30th anniversary reissue comes in a gatefold jacket and features a 12-page booklet with news clippings, photos et cetera. Available on black and red vinyl.

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Weekend Nachos - Worthless - LP white vinyl

Weekend Nachos - Worthless - LP white vinyl

The 3rd Weekend Nachos LP,, musically its the most diverse yet as far as range goes and its obviously full of John's pointed lyrics but done with his insight which puts a spin on things with again a focus on human hatred, personal issues and HC scene pet peeves (who can escape those you know?). I also really like that this record has more mosh which makes sense, a little more metal in the right places, the crust and D-beat is done in a more real way thanks to Brian's drumming but this also touches up on the faster material like they used to have during the 'Torture' era giving it a sort of retrospective feel on things but not at the sametime, knowing they're not going away anytime soon.This though IS one of the best HC LP's of 2011, esp if you want brutal hardcore.


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Bastard Noise - The Progression of Sickness - 10" EP colour vinyl

Bastard Noise - The Progression of Sickness - 10" EP
limited green marbled or brown vinyl

Kicking The Hornets Nest/The Contrarian

Bastard Noise has unleashed its brand new line-up (with drummer Jesse Appelhans formerly of San Diego, California's master instrumental unit Upsilon Acrux) and is proud to announce the Deep Six Records release of The Progression of Sickness 10 inch EP. This 45 rpm "weapons warehouse" slab of vinyl features two brand new exclusive songs in nearly 14 minutes of playing time. The sound has been more perfected on all levels and the contributions by each member (Appelhans/Artz/Wood) push the proverbial skull envelope to the sound hilt. Recorded and produced once again by trusted master Michael Rozon (Rogue Astronaut, The Red List, A Culture of Monsters, and Skulldozer), The Progression of Sickness will prove to all skull servants that the evolution of THE SKULL is a fury to behold. Pummeling drums, massive FOUR STEEL GIRDER walls, the sickest vocals ever by Artz and Wood and etherial, electronic frequencies make The Progression of Sickness a mandatory release for all who demand the highest standards in power!!!

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Monday, 6 August 2012

Dry Hump - S/T #2 - 7" orange vinyl

Dry Hump - S/T #2 - 7" orange vinyl

A band hard to describe to people. I see sometimes where someone without a brain calls them 'generic' but I fail to see it. To me its maybe a little simplistic, but its done so well and there's just something on the brink of genius about these depraved and disgusting lyrics. Maybe because it speaks my language? Who knows for sure, but these Lowell, MA guys just play great, sick HC punk is what you need to know. The follow up to the already awesome 'Fucks Your Ears' LP from last year, this 4 song rager is a little more punk and memorable but just as intense if not more so. PJ totally emulates Jerry A in his own way vocally on this record and the music is just bursting with raw power. I know that sounds lame to say, but you can't listen to this and not be blown away I feel. Comes in folded and hand glued covers to boot, this is as nice to look at as it is to hear. Reason the color wax is a little bit more is because it was considered a 'custom vinyl experiment' and I can break even at this cost. Sucks because the experiment was so iffy, some records came out a really light Clear Orange like watered down Kool Aid and some are a bit darker, either way this is a solid EP to own no matter the mark up. I have around 10 on color, so act fast!

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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Slugz- Empty Space - 7" lime green vinyl

Slugz- Empty Space - 7" ltd lime green vinyl/50

Limited to 50 copies only on lime green vinyl.
Empty Space/The Hourglass/Full Time Nothing
A band I always reccomend to smart punks with a good sense of taste, Slugz were a band I caught the name of either on fliers for a bit of time online or fliers I'd randomly get from VA friends but never heard em' until I got the 'Suit and Tie' EP last year off Sam and had my mind blown. Pefect blend (to these ears) of late 70's punk, 1980-81 HC, garage punk/rock and rockin' riffs. Plus to make it a bit different from the rest, vocalist Sam (Sam is also the name of their guitarist, who you may know best from Got Myself zine infamy!) is intense as it gets, screaming and howling and its very non traditional for this style of punk but it totally works! I can't try and sell you anymore on this, this is truly solid stuff from a bunch of talented youths. 1st 50 copies are on Opaque/Clear blend of SLIME LIME GREEN wax! I think the color wax looks amazing, see for yourself! Expect more SLUGZ material from me in the future.

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The NARCS - Long Hot Summer - 7" blue vinyl

The NARCS - Long Hot Summer EP - 7" blue vinyl/50
First press on blue vinyl limited to 50 copies only
Long Hot Summer/High Robot/Rat Bone/Mobile Jail/R.O.T Blood/Slime
I look at this one as the sleeper of the new ones. This is the NARCS 2nd EP and their finest hour to date. Rotcore's best love to get high sleeze punk goons featuring the loveable Mattitude (who also shares time in School Jerks). I believe its more mind blowing than the 1st one though really, sure lyrically it is more absurd but musically its so much louder, raw in a good non trendy way and better in every department and the recording is not flat with a 'vocals recorded under water' feel to it. I like lo fi sounding recordings as much as the next guy but I had my gripes about the 1st EP despite loving it to tears. Covers were made a little too small as they're just a little above size to the 7'' itself but its kind of cool that way. 1st 50 are on BLUE vinyl too!

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Birth Deformites - Suburbanized - 10" blue vinyl tour version

Birth Deformites - Suburbanized - 10" dark blue marble vinyl tour version only limited to 100 copies.

Band includes Nick Sick owner of Cowabunga Records and two members of Culo, Nathan and Sean.
Bass – A.J.
Drums – Stingray
Guitar – Drugface
Vocals – Nick Sick
It is hard to describe your own band to somebody else. I know people like this band but its a record now, not a small little demo tape. I hated the demo tape, the session wasn't fun due to fear and I was drunk and pissed off at the jokes made and it shows when you hear it. Since then, I got my voice down (didn't drink booze when we recorded this!) and gained confidence and well, here's the debut record. Not an LP, but not an EP either so its in between. AJ plays bass now and Nathan and Sean of Culo still hold down the fort on guitar and drums and the guitar tone you loved is still present if not more raw here. Plus Nathan again adorns the world with his art and I feel this is his greatest work yet. I'd like the music to be remembered too, but even if the art only was I'd be content with that. Musically we share more in common with Modern Warfare, Secret Hate, Zero Boys, Social Unrest and Fatal Rage and the Freeze a little lyrically but I also make strange lyric arrangements. BUT, I think we sound like us at the same time and not just sounding like yesterday's tunes. Pressed at Erika and comes with a full color cover, screen printed dust sleeves, hand stamped center labels and a 20 x 20'' full color poster, nothing about this record was cheap. I am sorry about the high cost of the color vinyl, but to make these records cost about $4.50 just for the actual vinyl pellets & is before the set up charges, center labels and other crap so this is not mad profit being made here. This dark blue marble vinyl tour version, truly to me one of the best looking color records the label has created. 100 were made, you can only get this tour version from Blitzrecords or from the band! - Nick Sick Cowabunga Records

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

To The Point - Mentally Checked Out - 7"

To The Point - Mentally Checked Out (EP) - one sided 7" ltd to 160 copies only

One sided EP. 8 songs of hardcore in the vein of Neanderthal and Septic Death with "caveman style" vocals. Only available mailorder (no wholesale) 160 press only!

A1 11. Punching Holes In The World A2 03. The Result A3 06. My Cell A4 12. No Outcry A5 16. Your Downfall Is My Victory A6 19. Nothing Is Brutal A7 02. Words The Come To Mind (When Thinking Of You) A8 20. Drop The Bomb

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Self Inflicted / Side Tracked - Split EP - 7" ltd blue vinyl

Sidetracked / Self Inflicted (split EP) - limited clear blue vinyl - 100 copies only.

Two west coast veterans team up for this raging slab of wax. Oakland, CA's Self Inflicted bring seven songs of intense hardcore reminiscient of bands like No Comment and Capitalist Casualties. Tacoma, WA's Sidetracked bring ten songs in a similar vein with nods to Rupture and Citizens Arrest as well.

A1 Self Inflicted  – We Control Them A2 Self Inflicted – Hose Of Job A3 Self Inflicted – Guilty A4 Self Inflicted – Obsession A5 Self Inflicted – Bondage And Domination A6 Self Inflicted – Cops Cause Crime A7 Self Inflicted – Death Is A Friend B1 Sidetracked – Reeled In B2 Sidetracked – Rally B3 Sidetracked – Halfway B4 Sidetracked – Fight Or Flight B5 Sidetracked – High Horse B6 Sidetracked – Slave B7 Sidetracked – Perception B8 Sidetracked – No One Wins B9 Sidetracked – Tolerance B10 Sidetracked – One Of Them.

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Landmine Marathon - S/T EP - 7" ltd white vinyl

Landmine Marathon - Self-Titled EP - 7" white vinyl limited to 100 only

Landmine Marathon follow up last year’s critically and fan acclaimed full length, Gallows, with a new two song self-titled EP. Both songs were recorded in the same sessions as Gallows and will not be heard anywhere else. These songs will destroy you with their hearty mix of old school death, grind and, doom combined with a ferocious vocal onslaught.
A Bastard Child B Giving Her Death

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Weekend Nachos / Lack Of Interest - Split EP - 7"

Weekend Nachos / Lack Of Interest (split EP)
On this split 7", two household names in the powerviolence genre come together for an instant classic. Lack of Interest return with some of their first new material since the 90s and Weekend Nachos move further in the direction of Worthless with 10 furious tracks of unadulterated hardcore. A must-have for any fan of either band or anybody with a good ear for heavy fastcore.
A1 Weekend Nachos – World Knows Fear A2 Weekend Nachos – Critical Mass Death Penalty A3 Weekend Nachos – Toothpaste A4 Weekend Nachos – Backwards A5 Weekend Nachos – Livin The Dream B1 Lack Of Interest – Everyone Must Die B2 Lack Of Interest – Roll Of The Dice B3 Lack Of Interest – Revelations B4 Lack Of Interest – Negative 1 B5 Lack Of Interest – 32 Seconds Hate.

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Friday, 8 June 2012

School Jerks - PPDSCEMFOBBT EP - 7" ltd gold vinyl

SCHOOL JERKS - PPDSCEMFOBBT EP - 7" ltd gold vinyl - Gold vinyl limited to 100 copies

If you're reading this, you probably have a good idea as to what this band sounds like by now, Amdi Petersens Arme and pre-Damaged Black Flag all spring to mind of course. Now in its 3rd press and since this is the 1st 7'' I've done on this label to warrant a 3rd press and also since I get asked about color wax for this particular EP quite a bit even years later, I decided to do 1 last go on color vinyl for the record. I thought WHITE was fitting for the 1st press and the ORANGE vinyl I got in the 2nd press was never asked for but a nice nerd bonus, but the limited color for this press is 100 on GOLD. Its sort of a joke color choice as this 7'' is as close to me going 'gold' salewise on a 7'' release. So if you missed out on the WHITE of the 1st press or weren't lucky to snatch up a copy on ORANGE, here's your last chance on color wax for this amazing 2nd EP by one of Toronto's best!

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Slobs - Look Busy Do Nothing - 7" ltd purple vinyl

SLOBS - Look Busy Do Nothing EP - 7" Purple vinyl with black swirls limited to 100 copies

Hardly spoken of and rather elusive (NOT MYSTERIOUS) is Montreal's SLOBS, not 'The Slobs' like the KBD band but just SLOBS. This band keeps a low profile most likely to not giving a damn, but anyway their demo made some rounds but seemed to only make it into the hands of well researched demo collectors. Well this is their debut EP and if you didn't know the band they play a rowdy style of east coast hardcore punk that's ready for you to skank & bedroom mosh to. When I first heard the demo in 2009 I immediately thought of stuff like CFD era Necros meets early NYHC injected with a real dose of PUNK and it totally stomped my nuts. This debut EP is more of that same greatness but maybe add in some grittier elements like Nihilistics, make it more tough, mid tempo yet a little faster & again more punk. And yet, they still sound so distinctly Canadian and I mean that in the best way. Boasts members of the lovely OMEGAS and Naughty Girls for those sorts of people who buy records based off that unimportant 'members of' crap. Now in its 2nd press with 100 of those on Clear PURPLE mixed w Black!

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Boilerman - Yield The Ghost EP - 7" ltd clear vinyl

BOILERMAN - Yield The Ghost EP - 7" Clear vinyl - limited to 80 copies

Yes, the second EP from locals Boilerman! This 4 song record is a lot darker than the 1st one was and is genuinely a step up musically and in a way I'd say they hint at the Wipers a little but in a very indirect manner. I mean its still classic midwest style pop punk and very much done in the Boilerman 'style' here but maybe being blended with the song sensibilities Greg Sage had to round it out more. The recording fits this perfectly and I hope people check this one out. Just because its not a HC record doesn't mean its bad, its a killer 7'' and a little different from what most expect from me,,, but if you are ever expecting 'whatever' that's your own damn fault! Of course there's a chase version, 80 are on CLEAR vinyl too!

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Male Nurses - Wanna Play Doctor - 7" ltd Sick Club black vinyl

Male Nurses - Wanna Play Doctor? - 7" black vinyl ltd /500 Sick Club issue

Wanna Play Doctor? b/w GI Jock
Black vinyl Sick Club issue
The 1st release from the Sick Club imprint is Somerville MA's MALE NURSES. Since its a singles club you'll either get 2 songs or 1 longer song and 2 short songs, so for theirs the band opted for 2 songs. These are actually rescused songs from a now aborted tour record, a good thing too since these are great tunes. The band has gotten more punk if anything since the debut on Deranged as they incorporate more melodies like the same classic 80's SoCal no brainers you'd expect.

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Friday, 25 May 2012

Ken Leek - The Origins of Disgust, Self-Hatred, and Hostility

New book from Ken Leek who manages the Deep Six Records website with Artwork by Rohan Harrison of Extortion

Ken has spent the last two decades writing lyrics and performing in hardcore punk bands such as The Neighbors, Funeral Shock, and Titanarum. Over the years, he has dabbled in various writings for zines and even a submission within a book. "The Origins of Disgust, Self-Hatred, and Hostility" is his first novel attempt. It is the first part a two-part series to be followed with "The Culmination of Disgust, Self-Hatred, and Hostility".
The Origins of Disgust, Self-Hatred, and Hostility" mostly takes place in San Diego, California. Although several time periods are covered, the bulk of the story occurs in the 1980?s. This shocking, and sometimes nauseating, story focuses on the life of a young runaway named Mike Hollister, the criminal-minded surrogate family who molds him, and the seedy underworld of lucrative, illegal operations he ultimately accepts as normal. At seventeen years old, Mike abandons his cohorts of crime in the suburbs for the drug and piss drenched canyons and underpasses of downtown. In the filth and disparity of homeless intravenous drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, and the mentally ill, he devises one of the most original and highly profitable illegal money making schemes ever. Even though Mike may be the most street-wise kid around, he can't predict the unforeseen disasters his operation will produce in the most brutal of manners. - Ken is in the process of finishing his upcoming follow-up novel, "The Culmination of Disgust, Self-Hatred, and Hostility" due next year.

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Vendetta - 5 Tracks EP

Vendetta – S/T EP (European Edition)

Following on from their compilation appearance on ‘Step Into The Light’ LP at the end of last year and their debut 4 track self released EP that was limited to 500 copies; only sold in Japan and released to high acclaim.
The band have agreed for the official European repress to be released on IMMINENT DESTRUCTION RECORDS (UK)
With new artwork and an additional new track recorded exclusively for this release, this is a welcome and eagerly awaited chance for fans outside of Japan to gain one of the stand-out EP’s from 2011.
The repressed version is limited to 300 copies only and will be pressed on double coloured wax.

Due for release in early June 2012.

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Here's the sound cloud track link:

Friday, 27 April 2012

Court Martial – No Solution EP -7"

Court Martial – No Solution EP

Riot City Records – RIOT 11 Released:1982
A No Solution B1 Too Late B2 Take Control
They were formed first in 1979. in Bristol,UK.Their first name was The Zeds,untill Ian McPherson replaced John on drums and the band changed the name in Court martial.Line up:Alex Burroughs-vocals,Simon Burroughs-lead,vocals,Ian McPherson-drums and Richard Braybrooke on bas.They fprmed the band when they were still in school.Their influence come fromearly punk bands like Sex pistols,The Clash.First gigs they played in local youth clubs in Bristol.In 1982.they supported band The Vice Squad and shortly after they recorded demo single and got signed with Vice Squad’s label Riot City Records.

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Subhumans – Rats - 7" EP

Subhumans – Rats

Bluurg Records – fish 10 - Released:1984
Skull Side A1 Joe Public 2:08 A2 Labels 2:16
Bluurg Side B1 When The Bomb Drops 3:11
B2 Rats
An anarcho-punk band formed in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK in 1979 by Dick Lucas, who had formerly been in local bands including The Mental and Stupid Humans. The band released a demo in 1981 which was heard by members of the band Flux of Pink Indians after being sent to them by Graham Burnett of New Crimes fanzine, who were so impressed that they offered Subhumans a chance to put out a record on their newly-formed Spiderleg label. Shortly afterwards the Subhumans began to release material on their own Bluurg Records label.
After Subhumans split up, Lucas formed the bands Culture Shock and Citizen Fish. The Subhumans reform for live performances, including at least two major tours of North America in the 21st Century, (Live In A Dive is a product of the first) and they continue to command a strong following. Subhumans are known for their thought-provoking, anarchic lyrics.

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Chron Gen – Puppets Of War EP - 7"

Chron Gen – Puppets Of War EP

Gargoyle Records  – GRGL 780 Released:1981
A1 Mindless Few A2 Chron Gen B1 Lies B2 Puppets Of War
Chron Gen were formed in January 1978 in Hitchin, Herts. Ex members of The Condemned and Optional Xtras fused into Chron Gen. The members were Glenn Barber (Vocals/guitairist), Jon JJ Johnson (Drummer) Jon Thurlow (Rythym guitar) and Pete Dimmock (Bassist). The band released their debut EP “Puppets of War” (also had singles versions of Lies, Chronic Generation, and Mindless Few)

With the Succes of the EP led to an invitation to join The Exploited, Discharge, Anti-Pasti, and The Anti-Nowhere League to go to the now infamous Apocalypse tour that rampaged through the UK in the summer of ‘81. On a sadder note, Floyd (one of the later members of the group) died October 31, 1999.

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The Enemy – Fallen Hero - 7"

The Enemy – Fallen Hero Fallout Records – FALL 001  Released:1982
The Enemy formed in early 1980 in their local youth club, with several changes of personnel before they stabilized the following year as Mark Woodhouse (vocals), Steve “Mez” Mellors (guitar), Steve O’Donnell (bass), and Mark Herrington (drums). They played their first gig at Woodlands Youth Centre, and landed a support slot on Anti Pasti’s gig in Huddersfield. They recorded their first single, “50,000 Dead” at Old Cottage Studios in Derby, releasing it on their own Tin Tin label. The single was quite successful and led to the band being signed to Fall Out Records, debuting on the label with “Fallen Hero” in May 1982, which reached number 44 in the UK Indie Chart. “Fallen Hero”, an anti-war song, was also included on the Punk and Disorderly volume 2 compilation which reached the indie top 10. The band’s third single was less successful, and Mellor was replaced by Kevin Lamb of local punk band Total Loss, who livened up the band’s live performances.

Debut album Gateway to Hell was issued in 1983 to much critical acclaim and respectable sales. Herrington left the band before the album was released, to be replaced by Dave Hill. The band toured around Britain in support of the album, but were dropped by Fall Out, and moved to the local Rot label (run by Riot Squad’s Dunk) for their next single, “Last But Not Least”, which was followed by an album of the same name (now featuring a fifth member, lead guitarist Phil Maw), with tracks split between a live recording from The Bierkeller in Leeds and studio tracks recorded at Cargo Studios in Rochdale. The album turned out to be The Enemy’s final release, with disappointing sales and musical differences prompting the band to call it a day.

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One Way System – No Entry - 7"

One Way System – No Entry

Lightbeat Records – WAY 1 Released:1982
One Way System first lit up the second wave punk revolution with their fresh faced, no nonsense sound in the early eighties, when Oi! and skinhead culture had all but rejected the original punk ethic. One Way System managed to bridge the gap. From the front cover of Sounds to the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, the System remained sharp and impressive, their natural aggression and un-faulting professionalism sealing their reputation as one of the most exciting bands on the international punk circuit. The ‘comeback’ gig at the 1996 Holidays In The Sun festival only proved that One Way System are still a force to be reckoned with. A year later they were taking Japan by storm. A new millennium has rolled by and One Way System still impress. Touring Europe and the USA. Playing to enthusiastic crowds they remain as hard hitting as ever.

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Murder The Disturbed – Genetic Disruption - 7"

Murder The Disturbed – Genetic Disruption Small Wonder Records – Small 17
Murder The Disturbed were signed to the short-lived, London-based Small Wonder Records. This is the very same label that released the debut singles, and in effect launched the careers, of some of indie music’s most legendary acts – a list that includes genre-defining artists such as Bauhaus, The Cure, and Crass, as well as lesser known artists like Patrik Fitzgerald, Cravats, Demon Preacher, and Poison Girls. Interesting enough?

Stylistically, Murder The Disturbed fit in quite well on Small Wonder’s roster. 1979’s Genetic Disruption is as worthy a debut as any – chalked full of moody minimalistic postpunk, it has a sound so primitive you might be tricked into thinking that the band were actually some obscure krautrock sensation dowsed in proto-punk voodoo. Good stuffs. Many thanx to Lifeonthedot.

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Scars – Adult/ery / Horrorshow - 7"

Scars – Adult/ery / Horrorshow Fast Product – FAST 8  - Released:1979
Scars (originally known as The Scars) were a post-punk band that hailed from Edinburgh, Scotland, and were a part of that city’s bustling music scene of the late 70s - early 80s. They released number of 7“‘s from 1979 - 1981 and in 1981 they released their one and only album Author! Author! They have also released a live album from 1981 Scars Live Valentino’s Edinburgh Sunday June 21 1981
Scars did their first gig in December 2010 in Edinburgh after an absence of 25 years. They also played a live session in February 2011 for Marc Riley on BBC Radio 6 Music
They are currently working on a new album to be released in 2012

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