Saturday, 18 August 2018

Infernöh/Nomad - Split - 7" ep marbled vinyl.

European version of the split of two of the best Raw Punk bands at the moment. Infernoh with noisy Dis-Noise Hardcore in the vein of Electric Funeral, Paranoid, Framtid. Nomad with straight D-Beat Raw Noise Punk! marbled wax, inverted(new) artwork, limited to 200 copies.

Disease - Destructive Noise Raid - 7" red vinyl.

After the brilliant 12", which got sold out in no time and the split "7s with Dispose  and Warkorpse, another 5 Tracks 666% Disclose worshipping.  red wax, inverted (new) artwork, limited to 200 copies. 

Disease ‎– Neverending War Crimes - 12" red vinyl.

Kawakami forever! 666% Disclose Clone straight outta Macedonia! 10 Tracks pure Disclose Worshipping. A fantastic wall of D-Beat Noise. red wax, inverted(new) artwork with insert, limited to 200 copies. best release in 2016!!!  
A1 Neverending War Crimes
A2 Death Battlefields
A3 Who'll Make Noise Not Music?!
A4 Fear The War
A5 Killed On Sight
B1 Air Raid
B2 Rage And Despair
B3 Why Must We?
B4 The End Of Life

Appäratus/Svart Ut ‎– Law Of Ratts...Supersonik ? - 12" red vinyl.

Here we go with the long awaited split"12 of Malaysian Raw Punk Ragers APPARATUS and SVART UT from Berlin/Germany. After several releases Apparatus are back with 6 tracks full straight forward HC-Punk the raw way, total D-Beat Mayhem incl. covers of Discard and Anti Cimex. Svart Ut hail from "Hardcore/Dog Shit - City" Berlin of bloody Germoney. Basically it is a sideproject of Earth Crust Displacement, same members, same style but better songs as all songs are covers of Swedish classic Raw Punk Mangel incl. Mob 47, Protes Bengt, Discard, Times Square Preachers, Heavy Nukes and Skitlickers. Ultrabrutal noisy recording, it will make your ears bleed, believe me. 200 copies black wax, 100 copies lim. red wax,

SYSTEMATIC DEATH - Systema 11 - 7”.

SYSTEMATIC DEATH-“Systema 11”EP Japanese hardcore legends return with four ultra-devastating studio trax!! Easily comparable to their finest recording, prepare to get destroyed again by their classic style of pure Japanese HC terror. Incredibly tight, masterful songs with raging wailing guitars and brutal unleashed drumming. Not to be missed!! 
A1 That
Written-By – Shigeru*, Yuzuka
A2 Soredakede (Just Have It)
Written-By – Ryu*, Shigeru*
A3 Dungeon
Written-By – Shigeru*, Yuzuka
B1 Ready Go!
Written-By – Ryu*, Shigeru*

Svart Ut/Panikattack - split - 7" ep white vinyl.

Here is the 2nd release of Svart Ut (Earth Crust Displacement sideproject) with another 5 covers of Swedish classic Raw Punk Mangel incl. coverversions of Dismachine, Mob 47, Skitlickers and Anti Cimex (a ridicleous primitve blastbeated version of "En Död Soldat"). Total earbleeding noisy recordings straight from hell. Panikattack from Sweden have members  of our all time fav bands, namely Anger Burning and Discontrol (we love Discontrol). So, no surprises here, even Panikattack serves a unique but still strict classic scandinavian D-Beat Raw Punk attack, we bloody love it. 2 heavy tracks, NO NEOCRUST, NO METAL, NO SHIT, straight forward HC-Punk the way it has to be done. Watch out for their split7 with Äterfall on Phobia, out very soon. 200 copies black wax, 100 copies lim. white wax
A1 –Svart Ut Addict & Alcoholic
Written By – Dismachine
A2 –Svart Ut Leader (Of The Fuckin' Assholes)
Written By – Shitlickers
A3 –Svart Ut Sprackta Snutskallar