Friday, 7 January 2011

NOT ENOUGH HATE - Knocked Into Tomorrow - Swedish Punk Hardcore CD

10 tracks about 30 minutes

Digipack cover
Cover artwork by Nenad Vukmirovic/Doomsday Graphics
Recorded at Evil Grill Studios/Gothenburg,Sweden
Mixed by Christer Lindbladh
Mastered by Kristian “Risza” Isaksson
Layout & Design by Jocke D-Takt, Concept by Porre
Photos by Sebastian Todor
Released by Outvillage Records 23-12-2010
Joke - Guitar. Linus - Drums. Johan - Bass, Backing vocals. Porre - Lead Vocals.

Save The World/Attitude Problem/Sao Paulo/Kill Or Be Killed/Greedy Bastards/Do What They Say/Slay For The God/Strive To Survive/Virus/I'm In Hell.
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From Gothenburg, Sweden. Started out in 1993 with: Jocke-Vocals (ex-Slakthusets Rivaler), Porre-Vocals (ex-Nisses Nötter), Joke-Guitar (ex-The Nuts), Sören-Guitar (ex-Tatuerade Snutkukar), Senap-Drums (ex-Bumsen Muss Mann) and Ägget-Bass (ex-Tatuerade Snutkukar). In 1995 NEH found a new guitar player, Beppe (ex-Tornado Babies). This line-up recorded “Boozers & Losers” m-Cd, released by Ägg Tapes & Records. In 1996 NEH played for a while with only one guitarist and recorded some songs for the compilation CD “Äggröran 2” released by Ägg Tapes & Records later that same year. In 1998 some demos were recorded. Not Enough Hate was put on ice in 1999. “10 years gone” EP out in 2005. New lineup: Porre-Vocals, Joke-Guitar, Charlie-Drums and Johan-Bass.
In 2008 NEH are participating on the swedish compilation CD “Sverigemangel”.
NEH also take part on a CD with Vicious Irene and Hata Katten called “Maydaycenter cd 33”, which is released at their Sticky Fingers gig in Gothenburg. The CD is limited to 100 copies!
In 2009 NEH take part on the compilation cassette “Hoten från underjorden” released by Esox Lucious (limited to 100 copies).

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