Saturday, 30 July 2011

Young Identities - Positive Thinking - 7" ep

Young Identities - Positive Thinking - 7" ep

The first in 7" on 540 records that reissues all the releases on shake records and savage music - the labels captured the original brisbane punk scene in australia 1979-83. the debut Young Identities ep from 1979 is pure sloppy, lo-fi and obnoxious punk rock. this is some kids who can hardly play but manage to hold it together with one dominant factor: attitude. the original version of which only 300 were pressed.

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Just Urbain - Burning - 7" ep

Just Urbain - Burning - 7" EP

One of the greatest bands ever to come from the early Australian punk scene which is why they made the number 36 spot on Johan Kugelberg's top 100 DIY 45's.A bunch of guys, all to varying degrees somewhat disengaged from mainstream culture & wanting something different. A bunch of guys living in a then non connected world but willing to make the effort to do something beyond go to the footie or go to the pub, like buy the NME, hang out at the local import shop come together through mutual musical interests & form a band. It took some monthsand some membership movement but on an unremembered date in '78 JUST URBAIN (& The Young Identities) 'arrived'. Yeah I think I saw that movie also! Anyway we did gigs, had fun in the practice room & for various reasons were involved with the 2nd Leftovers recording as well as the issue of their EP. So what do you know we take it to the next level in '79--Just Urbain, Young Identities & The Bodysnatchers go into a recording studio & spend an afternoon & a few hundred dollars recording 3 singles & behold not only do we have some singles but our own label is born. Fantastic stuff although it didn't really improve our standing in the local scene. Not that we cared. I wouldn't say we had a lot of attitude but we had enough. You had to make the effort to find us as we weren't looking for you." - THANX TO TURKEYNECK

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Extortion - Control EP - 7"

Finally available again through DEEP SIX RECORDS after being out of print for a couple of years. One of the best EXTORTION 7"s, and probably the release that put them on the map for a lot of people. Essential stuff. Modern powerviolence. Australia's finest. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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Extortion/Agents Of Abhorrence - Split - 7"

Extortion/Agents Of Abhorrence - Split EP - 7"

Two of Australia's top powerviolence purveyors meet in a death match to decide continental violence supremacy on this split, with Extortion playing with a Crossed Out influence and Agents Of Abhorrence bringing more of a grinding style.
1. Extortion - Falling Apart 2. - Outside 3. - Masses 4. - Bloodshot Eyes 5. - Wrong Again 6. - All Fucked Up 7.- Drown 8. Agents Of Abhorrence - Loaded 9 -Mad-Made Maze 10. - Mint 11. - Puddles

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Cursed - The Last Session - 7" ltd white vinyl

LIMITED WHITE VINYL Released: January 6, 2010
"This is the last Cursed recording, from the doomed final tour that we didn't know was the doomed final tour yet. Recorded live off the floor like we'd play it. 5 songs spanning all 3 LPs that we came to play faster and differently live than they were originally recorded." -- Chris Colohan - Burning Love
1. Reparations 2. Promised Land 3. Polygraph 4. Antihero Resuscitator 5. Into the Hive

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Weekend Nachos - Unforgivable - LP ltd red vinyl

WEEKEND NACHOS - Unforgivable - LP very limited opaque green vinyl/100 
Weekend Nachos feature members of Harms Way and are once again mixing the powerviolence of Infest and Crossed Out with burly metallic guitars and masterful riffage, totaling twelve tracks on "Unforgivable."
Brutal as FUCK 2nd LP from my fave Chicago band. The band is now back with Andrew who was their guitarist on the 'Torture' EP but don't think for a second the band has reverted back to the sounds of that record. On this 2nd full length record the band still has some of that unique mix of NYHC, YOT and Infest sound as shown on the Punish LP but it also incorporates a bit more HHIG, Tragedy and Deathside influence of hardcore creating almost melodic angry hardcore tunes here but they also continue to add the influence of deeper and heavier hardcore to their sound that they'd previously hinted at in their evil blend of hardcore. There's even this early Hatebreed and Blood For Blood sound but fear not for where they got that sound down a little, there's more semblance lyrically to those bands. This is the most HATEFUL material the band has done to date and I've never in my life seen a band continue to write such angry and despising lyrics like this and to actually make them more pointed and just get better in time astounds me. The tracks off the This Comp Kills Fascists were already in the red but this really takes it. Basically John hates all of us and you have to accept that. This was one of 2009's best hands down and if you like hate filled hardcore and constantly feel like taking out someone, living a life that's constantly weighed you down by constant shit this LP is for you. Just buy the record already. Nicksick.
1. 2009 2. Elevated Tracks 3. Unholy Victory 4. Pain Over Acceptance 5. A Few Blocks South 6. Balance Of Power 7. Nights 8. Rejected Psychopath 9. Shot In The Head 10. First To Burn 11. Reason To Die 12. Unforgivable

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Landmine Marathon - Wounded - LP Ltd Clear Green Vinyl

Landmine Marathon - Wounded - LP

Limited clear green vinyl
Formed in late 2004 in the sun-scorched desert of Arizona, the five members of Landmine Marathon play thrashy grindcore that recalls the early days of Earache Records. Their first full-length, "Wounded," combines ultra heavy riff loaded guitars and punishing rhythms that alternate between maniacal blur and choke-the-life-out-of-you slowness, all crowned by Grace's gender blurring vocal onslaught. Fans of Bolt Thrower, Terrorizer, Daughters, Ed Gein and Assuck will soon be suffering from a case of headbanger's neck. "Wounded" was recorded by Ryan Butler @ Arcane Digital (Impaled, North Side Kings) and mastered by Dave Shirk @ Sonorus (Mastodon, Converge, Nasum). Now available again on vinyl.

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Friday, 15 July 2011

Young Republicans - Sabotage Your Cookout 7" EP

Great package includes freee digital download
Finally found after going missing for nearly 25 years, the Young Republicans demo cassette is certainly one of the most elusive and infamous artifacts in the history of hardcore and is truly a special item. Some have claimed that it never existed while others have referred to it as a "holy grail" item. Recorded in ’83 and only given to a handful of close friends, ¾ of the band would later go on to form the initial lineup of the influential group YOUTH OF TODAY. This 9 song EP captures the absolute essence of spirited hardcore under the shroud of Reagan: snot-nosed teens going faster MPH while standing in opposition to teachers, parents, rednecks, & suburbia. Highly catchy & classic sounding, this could easily be considered the crucial missing NYHC or CT 7” EP from 1983.
Three tracks on this Young Republicans 7" EP would later be reworked and rerecorded for the debut Youth of Today "Can't Close My Eyes" 7” on Positive Force; “Respect For Authority (None)” became “Stabbed In The Back”, “Backyard Bomb” became “Expectations”, and “High School Rednecks” became Project X's “Straightedge Revenge” note for note on their sole EP on Schism. I strived to give this the packaging I felt a release like this deserves: a thicker 14 pt glued 7" jacket with an old school style "dip cut" (like a late 70's UK punk 45) along with a nicely done 2-sided 14" x 7" inserts that includes lyrics and tons of photos that Porcell excavated from his archive. - Chris - More Than A Witness Records

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Burning Love/Coliseum - Live At The Atlantic Vol.4 - LP

Burning Love/Coliseum - Live At The Atlantic Vol.4 - LP ltd red/greed/brown
Limited red, green or brown vinyl - includes free digital download
This recording documents a humid Florida night near the beginning of a Coliseum and Burning Love cross-continental summer tour, expertly captured by the Atlantic / Sound Study recording team. Coliseum's side was mixed by audio wizard and frequent collaborator J Robbins while the Burning Love side was prepared by Ryan Williams. To top it all off, we enlisted Dexterity Press to craft stunning letter pressed packaging to make this a truly special release.” Available in three colors of vinyl (red, brown and green) with matching color jacket. Digital download included!

Burning Love - Memento Mori/Gain/Curse Breaker/Miserable Sound/Mess/Alien vs Creditor/Money Shots.

Coliseum - Skeleton Smile/Cloaked In Red/Perimeter Man/Lost In Croningen/Punk Money/Year Of The Pig/Defeater.

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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Weekend Nachos - Two Things At Once - LP ltd red vinyl

Weekend Nachos - Two Things At Once - LP ltd red vinyl

This LP is pretty easy to figure out, it compiles both the 'Torture' EP and the 'Bleed' EP's in their entirety aka their 'fast' and 'slow' records, 1 EP per side but the difference here is both records are remastered (you really need to hear the revised version of 'TORTURE'). Dig the Descendents reference in the title? Anyone even get it? 'Torture' has been OOP for at least a yr and a half & Bleed went out of print within a few months of release so its nice these songs are available again, esp knowing the band still plays many of them still. Comes with a reflective Silver background cover, it doesn't look like it would have cost extra but it did so that accounts for a dollar mark up on the LP cost. And of course there is color vinyl for you WN record nerds. Its on RED of 100, that's it and I only got 75 of the 100 color vinyl. 50 left 10 days into sales, so keep em coming! RED wax is HEAVY too,, thus the weight difference.

1. Intro 2. The End Of Your Faith 3. Snowball Fight 4. I Am Not The Wedding Singer 5. Torture 6. Fashioncore '88 7. Utopia 8. Necrolepsy 9. Scared Of Naked Men 10. Equal Rights 11. 10 Things I Hate About You 12. Dimension X 13. Sweatpants 14. Image 15. 4 Years 16. American Hardcore 17. Jocks From The Inside Out 18. Sludge 19. Bleed 20. Observer

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Saturday, 2 July 2011

School Jerks - PPDESCMFOBB - 7" EP

School Jerks - PPDSCEMFOBBT EP - 7"

Here is the 2nd EP from Toronto's School Jerks and one of my favorite bands going right now easily. This one is 1 song more than the debut on Riff Raff, & also a lot more loose and raw than its preceeding record. Comparisons to the Regulations occur to the feeble minded. Personally I don't hear it, the guys think maybe Amdi Petersens Arme is the only modern band they maybe could be compared to which I agree with a little bit but I most certainly do hear 'Inside my Brain' era Angry Samoans and 'Jealous Again' era Black Flag moments from this band though its def not a shallow ripoff band either. These former Terminal State alumni dip into inspirations you'd not guess and still do all the right things a true punk band would & that's all that matters here. This is essential if you're a fan of the early 80's SoCal sound from the LA area, not OC! Pink covers with a cool Easy Rider/Charles Manson inspired art piece for the cover & a typewriter font stamped sticker on the polybag with an insert for some of the 2nd press copies (about half of the copies are like this where the other half have no stickers or inserts). Confusing? Yes!

Decline/Rent Boy/street alk/Guestlist

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