Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Weekend Nachos - Worthless - LP ltd red vinyl

Worthless - LP ltd clear red vinyl

The 3rd Weekend Nachos LP,, musically its the most diverse yet as far as range goes and its obviously full of John's pointed lyrics but done with his insight which puts a spin on things with again a focus on human hatred, personal issues and HC scene pet peeves (who can escape those you know?). I also really like that this record has more mosh which makes sense, a little more metal in the right places, the crust and D-beat is done in a more real way thanks to Brian's drumming but this also touches up on the faster material like they used to have during the 'Torture' era giving it a sort of retrospective feel on things but not at the sametime, knowing they're not going away anytime soon.This though IS one of the best HC LP's of 2011, esp if you want brutal hardcore.

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Shit Dogs - The History Of Cheese - 2x7"

The Shit Dogs - The History Of Cheese - 2 x 7" KBD reissue

Reborn/Raw Meat/Killer Cain/WW11 Never Ended/Blood Clot - 2 x 7"
Redneck ramones. From Baton Rouge, Louisiana
We have always been huge fans of these guys both in theory (they’re called The Shit Dogs, man!) and in practice. We first heard them as a 19-year-old LAZY COWGIRLS fanatic who followed every Southern California show of said band circa 1986-89; they debuted a new cover of the ‘Dogs “Reborn” during that epoch, and always took care to announce from the stage who had originally penned it. Great crap-fi, meathead punk number, and a few years later I heard the original on a “Killed By Death” along with the even better “Killer Cain” from the Shit Dogs’ “History of Cheese” EP. The band seem to have existed on the same who-cares, crap-for-crap’s sake mental plane as the SCREAMIN’ MEE-MEES, PENETRATORS and of course THE RAMONES, none of whom were crap in the least. Lousiana’s best rock band of all time? Hey, can you name a better one?--Review from Agony Shorthand

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Monday, 1 August 2011

Young Identities - New Trends EP - 7"

"NEW TRENDS" 7" (540)
Another killer Australian punk reissue from 540, this time it's Young Identities' classic 2nd EP. This is absolutely brilliant, classic Aussie punk... if you like the Victims and other Murder Punk this is an absolute necessity. "The Young Identities EP's are standouts among the Savage/Shake releases, especially the New Trends EP. The band's line-up was mixed in with other band Brisbane bands who were, in turn, part of other groups. In other words, a history of the Young Identities is necessarily a history of a few other bands. The history below overlaps and repeats some of what can be found on the Just Urbain page albeit from a different perspective. I can certainly be counted among the "overseas overseers" who became interested in the early Brisbane punk scene several years ago. Without further ado, another history from the younger, snottier contingent of the no-scene Brisbane scene... "

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