Thursday, 23 July 2015

TOM AND BOOT BOYS-GO GO TOM AND BOOT BOYS - Show only Japan cassette.

In stock now from Japan today. new material. 
Show only tape for two day show in summer 2015 -  - limited stock - available at

1, We Keep On Punk We Like
2, We Play Fucking Punk
3, We Live As Punks
4, We Hate Fucking Poser Punks and A Lot Of Fucking Posers 

A punk band that has been in the middle of the sell-out controversey. Tom ans Boot boys feature songs such as “Disneyland get out of punk” and “Piss off MTV Punks” commonly these songs are about alot of the punk bands that sell out and become mainstream. Formed in 1994, released 4 CDs(Punk Parade,30s Punx Go For It,Early Fuckin’ Collection Vol.94 & Old Punk Generations,3 7” EPs (Punks Are Alright,Punks Are Fucked Up & Fuck You! Stay Punk!,3 Split 7” EPs (with The Discocks ,The Unseen and The Crap) , 1 Split CD (with Mad Pigs) and 1 DVD (Up The Punx Tour 2005), appeared on numerous Pogo 77 and International Compilations (Punks Are Fuckin Making Fuckin CDs,Punk As Fuck,Punks and skins are walking down the fuckin street,The Sound of Rebellion Volume 2,Back On The Streets, etc), Singer Noriyasu runs their Label Pogo 77 Record which has a an amazing back catalogue with releases from some of the best Japanese bands (The Discocks, Pogo Machine, Shit-Faced, Laukaus etc) as well as a CD of Italian Pogo Punks The Rotten Boys. Up The Punx!!