Thursday, 27 June 2013


Classic swedish D-beat with members from Totalitar, Makabert Fynd and Avskum.

Poffen - Vocals
Mattis - Guitar
Pyri - Drums
Andre - Bass

Superb stuff  check 'em out

01 Välfärdsoffer 02:17
02 Påtvingade Värderingar 01:33
03 Dissekerad 01:38
Fruktans Lön 01:19
05 Missanpassad 01:29
06 Undergången Är Nära 00:57
07 Skiten Är Slut 02:15
08 Maktmissbruk 01:23
09 Liket Stirrar 01:18
10 Giftigt Avfall 01:20

Missbrukarna - Zooma In En Zombie - LP

Superb classic Swedish hardcore/punk - a must have if you are into this stuff - fabulous package.

Finally, at long last, a collection LP for this incredible early Swedish HC/punk band! Missbrukarna are perhaps most famous for being a huge influence on Totalitär, and if that's the only way you know them you may be surprised how catchy and punk the material on this double LP is. While bands like Anti-Cimex and s***lickers were pioneering the raw punk sound in the very same country, Missbrukarna kept the catchiness of '77 punk and oi!, sounding quite a lot like their Finnish compatriots in bands like Appendix, Melakka, and (early) Rattus, or even more melodic Europunk like Ivy Green in places. Still, despite the presence of something almost resembling melody, this is blindingly fast, supremely catchy, and exhilaratingly intense. In terms of packaging, this is how a reissue should be done... gatefold sleeve featuring a TON of photos reproduced beautifully in full color, a rad essay by Andreas of Totalit är about the band's history and importance, and mastering that makes this sound just as good as any bigger punk releases of the day. Seriously, I cannot stress enough how essential this package is... highest possible recommendation! Skrammel Records