Thursday, 16 January 2014

Knægt ‎– S/t - demo tape

Haven't done tapes for many a year now, but have made an exception for this - superb stuff - have a listen 

Sometimes it is a great idea to toss all good ideas in the blender and press Play. These fine gentlemen are no spring chickens and have made sweet sweet music together for about a year but some of 'em have playing their flute since the 80's. So what does it sound like?

Well  maybe if Oxnard moved to Malmö for starters. Tomek's basslines are as sweet and twisted as ever and the twin guitars from Fredrik and Dejv are as precise & amazing as Stevens drums are sick. Filip obviously has anger issues and those lyrics are the proof. Fast melodic hardcore with great hints of RKL & Accüsed but delivered with much more ferocity. Take this chance and find out what the fuzz is about!
The tape is done in 275 copies and comes with a random Marvel-styled collectors card. All 5 members are depicted as the superheroes they are. You are all lucky that when you are walking those cold and dark streets they are watched by Kapten Polen, Linjemannen, Jäten från slätten, Döden från Södern & Dr. Långfinger. Only a dunce doesn't buy enough tapes to collect them all.

A1 På Bristningsgränsen
A2 Mickejävel (Vem Fan E Du?)
A3 Fy Fan Svenska Bracka
A4 Gränsen Är Nådd