Friday, 25 May 2012

Ken Leek - The Origins of Disgust, Self-Hatred, and Hostility

New book from Ken Leek who manages the Deep Six Records website with Artwork by Rohan Harrison of Extortion

Ken has spent the last two decades writing lyrics and performing in hardcore punk bands such as The Neighbors, Funeral Shock, and Titanarum. Over the years, he has dabbled in various writings for zines and even a submission within a book. "The Origins of Disgust, Self-Hatred, and Hostility" is his first novel attempt. It is the first part a two-part series to be followed with "The Culmination of Disgust, Self-Hatred, and Hostility".
The Origins of Disgust, Self-Hatred, and Hostility" mostly takes place in San Diego, California. Although several time periods are covered, the bulk of the story occurs in the 1980?s. This shocking, and sometimes nauseating, story focuses on the life of a young runaway named Mike Hollister, the criminal-minded surrogate family who molds him, and the seedy underworld of lucrative, illegal operations he ultimately accepts as normal. At seventeen years old, Mike abandons his cohorts of crime in the suburbs for the drug and piss drenched canyons and underpasses of downtown. In the filth and disparity of homeless intravenous drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, and the mentally ill, he devises one of the most original and highly profitable illegal money making schemes ever. Even though Mike may be the most street-wise kid around, he can't predict the unforeseen disasters his operation will produce in the most brutal of manners. - Ken is in the process of finishing his upcoming follow-up novel, "The Culmination of Disgust, Self-Hatred, and Hostility" due next year.

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