Saturday, 4 June 2011

Nervebreakers - Hijack The Radio - 7" reissue

NERVEBREAKERS - Hijack The Radio - 7" reissue

Great quality reissue of Dallas, Texas legendary Punk band debut single from 1979, originally releases on Wild Child Records
In 1979, The Nervebreakers released their debut single, "Hijack The Radio". It was backed by "Why Am I So Flipped". The Dallas band released three singles over their history and were working on an album when they broke up. The album was not released. The Dallas, Texas punk band holds the distinction of being the opening band during the Dallas date on the Sex Pistols lone U.S. tour (January, 1978). The Nervebreakers disbanded in 1981.

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Nervebrekers - Politics EP - 7" reissue

NERVEBREAKERS - Politics EP - 7" reissue

Deluxe remastered reissue with Picture Sleeve of 1978 original Wild Child Records single by badass Texas punk rock band! Like all Texas punk of the era, this is no letdown either and this 4-song ep has two smash hits! Track Listing: Politics/My Life Is Ruined/I Can't Help You/My Girlfriend Is A Rock

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The Hellacopters - 1995 - 7" ltd pink vinyl

THE HELLACOPTERS - 1995 - 7" EP ltd pink


Reissue of the Hellacopters Debut single on Freak Scene Records (Sweden), and also the band’s first U.S. release. If high energy punk/rock ‘n’ roll is your thing, then this is surely the band for you! These three songs combine the raw energy of punk with the over top guitar antics and aural assault normally found on MC5 and Stooges records. Hear for yourself what all the hype is about. These guys rock! Check video of The HELLACOPTERS playing 1995 LIVE in 1997: Iw

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