Sunday, 26 December 2010

Paintbox - Cry Of The Sheep - 7" limited green vinyl

PAINTBOX - Cry Of The Sheep 7" EP .

Paintbox is one of the current batch of legendary Tokyo hardcore bands on the mighty HG Fact label, formed in the mid-1990s from the splintering of classic 1980s Japanese Hardcore band Deathside. Melodic intensity and remarkable musicianship that plays circles around what you think of as "thrash" and the unique upbeat power and high energy of Japanese hardcore punk; they're simply one of the best hardcore bands on the planet. The continuing legacy with Paintbox has been two full length CDs (and soon a third) and innumerable seven inches, flexis and CDeps in their native country, as well as a sold out limited vinyl edition of their first LP on Canada's Ugly Pop label. "Cry Of The Sheeps" was originally issued in Japan only as a CDep and the title track is a unique power anthem and the flipside "Big Ant" and "Betsu-Mirai (Alternative Future)" win the Prank Records hands down as two of the best fast hardcore songs in years
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Avskum - Crucified By The System - 7" limited white or clear vinyl

  AVSKUM - Crucified By The System - 7" White or Clear Vinyl

A re-press of the debut 6-Track 1984 E. P. " Crucified By The System" by Swedish legends AVSKUM. A true to the time, lo-fi yet intense dose of rampaging Swedish hardcore with hoarse vocals, pounding drums and rushing guitars. A near-exact replica of the original E.P. , this new limited edition version is re-mastered and pressed on smokey clear vinyl with white labels and limited to 50 copies. Pressed to coordinate with Avskum's 2009 Japan tour in early December, this is the first time the Swedish band will tour in Asia since starting in 1982.

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