Sunday, 31 January 2016

TO THE POINT/ FYPM split 7" with Short Fast & Loud #29 Zine.

TO THE POINT/ FYPM split 7" with Short Fast & Loud #29 Zine.
PRE-ORDER - HERE NEXT WEEK - extremely limited stock on the way - 7" is only available with this great zine -- indulge yourself here 
New Short Fast & Loud is out! Packed to the gills with amazing columns, insights and a million grind/HC/punk and doom reviews with exclusive interviews with UK political thrash legends Active Minds and Canada's grinding monsters Six Brew Bantha, this special mini-issue also comes with a split vinyl 7" with Los Angeles powerviolence kings To The Point (members of Infest, Lack Of Interest and Spazz) and Cleveland hardcore/punks Fuck You Pay Me (ex-Nine Shocks Terror, Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, H-100'S).

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

九狼吽 Clown - Human in Confusion - LP.

九狼吽 Clown - Human in Confusion - LP .
IN STOCK - Superb package, Heavy vinyl, gatefold, printed inner sleeve, Sugi artwork - limited to 500 copies only - very limited stock - treat yourself with a copy at

"Nagoya city, one of the cities which raised up Japanese Hardcore to a world-class level, has 九狼吽(CLOWN) in its core. They play aggressively, and it’s not too much to say that they represent Japanese Driving Hardcore Punk at it's best. And this is their newest record. Nagoya City is probably more well known in recent years for D-Clone but there's bands flying under the radar such as the almighty Clown who play tough-as-nails metallic hardcore - real bad ass stuff. 

Clown is pissed off to the fuckin' max, bad ass hooks left right and loud, drive fast and bang your head.

1 ドロ沼 
2 ヒトモドキ 
3 我慢の果てに死ぬ 
4 Invader 
5 Trouble Call 
6 Lost 
7 052 
8 Unfare Equality 
9 蘇りの風

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Mustang - Poison / Blood Rain - 7"

IN STOCK - available here
Two new killer songs from this classic Japanese Hardcore/punk band!!! Mustang from Hakodate is one of the best bands around and features members from Crude and Etæ. Top artworks by Sugi finalizes this piece of vinyl as a must to every Japan punk freaks headbanging sessions!

Esperanza - Choice - 7" EP.

Esperanza - Choice - 7" EP.

IN STOCK - available here
Japan punk as I like it! These punkers from Hiroshima serve four catchy and snotty raw punk songs. Esperanza was formed from the ashes of Persevere and this is their 2nd EP. RAW PUNK HELL!!! 

Crude - Smash The Wall For Freedom / Complete The Run - 7".

Crude: Smash The Wall For Freedom / Complete The Run 7".

IN STOCK - available here

Classic Japanese hardcore/punk! Two songs recorded 2012 in Finland before their latest Euro-tour! Crude comes from Hakodate/Hokkaido and has been playing since 90's. Cover artwork made by Sugi. Limited yellow vinyl available only from the labels or from the band.

Friday, 15 January 2016

V/A-OLD PUNKS 激闘市街戦 - 7" Japan ltd show only.

V/A-OLD PUNKS-Compilation-7" Japan ltd show only.Live venue limited silk screen jacket with postcard limited to 200 HAND NUMBERED copies only - I have managed to get copies of this special issue from the Shinjuku Antiknock show on January 10, 2016 - IN STOCK NOW - ALREADY SOLD OUT AT LABEL - Superb 7", four top Japanese pogo bands - extremely limited - - all you wonderful people who have pre-ordered will get this version - thank you - anyone else who would like this gem, have a go here


A1: THE DISCOCKS / 1994 (1:58)
B1: LIFE / HARMONY (0:50)

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Absolut/Paranoid – Jawbreaking Mangel Devastation - 12" USA.

Absolut/Paranoid – Jawbreaking Mangel Devastation - 12" USA.
IN STOCK NOW  - VERY LIMITED STOCK - USA only version - brilliant full colour gatefold cover - nearly sold out from the label - would cost £24 to get a copy from over the pond -I will have 5 copies only if want to indulge - available at
ABSOLUT (Canada) and PARANOID (Sweden) team up to unleash this split 12" of JAWBREAKING MANGEL DEVASTATION! comes with full color artwork by the legendary Japanese hardcore punk artist SUGI and comes in a gatefold sleeve. Its limited to 500 (400 black vinyl and 100 transparent orange). If you've heard either band before you know what to expect. ABSOLUT plays devastating HC punk influenced by late era Cimex and other punk bands with a metal tinge to them. The vocals on this are relentless. PARANOID hailing from Sweden have members from many other Swedish kang bands and are in my opinion one of the worlds best current punk acts. Taking influence from the countless raging Swedish bands they grew up with but also taking plenty of cues from Japan and combining them into a barrage of intense hardcore punk that will leave you numb! 

A1 –Absolut (7) Crisis 
A2 –Absolut (7) Peace System 
A3 –Absolut (7) Mental Problem 
A4 –Absolut (7) Wage Of Fear 
B1 –Paranoid (18) Owarinaki Yoru 
B2 –Paranoid (18) Muteikou 
B3 –Paranoid (18) Han-Dejitaru Kakumei 
B4 –Paranoid (18) Kudakareta Seishin