Thursday, 11 June 2015

Pissbath - Can't Stop Noize !! / Snøb - Exploit Me EP / Nerveskade - Noise Pollution - tapes

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Pissbath - Can't Stop Noize !!, tape
d-beat/noise punk/female vocals, Nashville/Tennessee/USA
Snøb - Exploit Me EP on cassette .
6 tracks of old school US styled hardcore fucking punk in the vein of Poison Idea, Gang Green, Jerry's Kids, SS Decontol and other classic bands from Canadian punk band! Including members of Koszmar, Violent Nun and Systematik!!!
Originally as a 7" on Hardware Records from Germany.
NERVESKADE - Noise Pollution tape
Glue huffing gutter insane noise punks from Portland!!!
This edition includes 4 covers from original tape(Disorder, Discharge, SS Decontrol, Jerry's Kids) plus Shitlickers cover from the split EP with Perdition.
Originally released by 540 Records as 7" and by Hardcore Survives as a tape in 2011 when Nerveskade toured Japan.