Monday, 18 April 2011

Culo - Toxic Vision - 7" ltd clear or red vinyl

CULO - Toxic Vision - 7" EP ltd red or clear vinyl

Limited to 100 each colour
RED & CLEAR VINYL The follow-up to their highly praised ‘military trend’ 7” (see MRR review below), TOXIC VISION is CULO’s third 7” and it is a scorcher. Pure piss and vinegar hardcore delivered at high velocity and at no expense to catchy riffing. Mandatory! ‘This ripper will soon be filed under my “this fuckin’ rules!” category, never to be picked out during a desperate purging of the shelves. Listening to this gives me comfort in knowing that the torch of straight-up, yet distinctive hardcore is being passed along through good hands. These dudes throw down fast and frantic traditional HC that sounds like a bit of JERRYS KIDS mixed with Italian hardcore and a dose of fucking whatever it is that sounds just right to these ears. Four tracks and all of them are amazing. And now I’m getting a strange record collection sensation that my life will hereby be incomplete until I track down a copy of this EP for myself. Get this!’

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Red Dons - Pariah - 7" ltd clear vinyl

RED DONS - Pariah - 7" ltd clear vinyl


This limited 7" single for "Pariah" is a track taken from the album "Fake Meets Failure" and is on clear vinyl. It's backed with the non-album track "It's Your Right."

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Bloodtype - S/T - 7" ep

BLOODTYPE - ST - 7" ep

Limited red/black vinyl 100 copies only
Great debut EP from this NJ straight edge hardcore band. I remember getting a demo at random one day last year from Jeff (vox) and being very impressed by said demo tape, which is rare for me as I normally hear a band for myself (as in not getting a demo sent to me) & ask them myself to do a release. Well, this EP mops the floor with that demo stuff. The lyrics more pertain to typical angry topics of hardcore (growing out of the music, being hateful and just not getting along with everyone) than just being straight edge fare, which is rather enjoyable & reminded me of Cold Shoulder in that regard. I mean its like ''yeah, I already know you're drug/alcohol free so tell me something else too in your lyrics'' which is what's so refreshing about these sorts of sXe bands! Musically its of course hardcore punk, doesn't sound like any set band but is def influenced by bands like DYS and the Abused-but only influenced, not a ripoff. Also takes cues from modern edge bands with a huge penchant for punk! MRR said 'if punks were playing youth crew', think along those lines. Jeff's voice also is unique and that's another thing that makes this stand out-his voice has been compared to Craig of the Degenerics and I sort of agree. I'm also guessing by the cover its a subtle reference to their home state's Chronic Sick perhaps? A current fave of mine out of the east, if you really like straight edge HC and general hardcore punk check this out! This is the limited color vinyl for this EP, We asked for RED w BLACK swirls but got DARK MAROON with a RED stripe for the majority of the copies, stripes vary in size and some are more of a clearish BRICK RED without a stripe. Looks KILLER,

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