Tuesday, 1 January 2019

THE TITS - Pleasure Patient -12" Japan.

THE TITS - Pleasure Patient -12" Japan.
Pre-order - Scheduled release date January 7, 2019 - available here - https://blitzrecords.bigcartel.com/
Superb 10 track 12" from Pogo77 Records includes E-type color jacket / shrink wrap / lyrics card / THE TITS fan club card.

THE TITS - DISASTER 新作を購入希望者様へ - 7" clear red flexi - venue only - Japan.

available here - https://blitzrecords.bigcartel.com/
Pre-order - venue only clear red flexi limited to 250 copies only, to be sold at January 14, 2019 Shinjuku Antiknock OLD PUNKS Fighting Cross Street Battle .

偏執症者 (Paranoid)-Heavy Mental Fuck Up! - LP red vinyl USA.

偏執症者 (Paranoid)-Heavy Mental Fuck Up! - LP red vinyl USA.
available here - https://blitzrecords.bigcartel.com/
Pre-order, here in the New Year - sold out from label, managed to scrounge a few copies at retail cost - Konton Crasher facebook reads - 偏執症者 (Paranoid)-Heavy Mental Fuck Up! LIMTIED EDITION out now!!!
The final fuck off to 2018...limited to 100 copies on red vinyl. ABSOLUTELY NO HOLDS OR WHOLESALE..NO EXCEPTIONS... These are available via the Konton Crasher webstore exclusively.
PARANOID (偏執症者) - Raw Punk / D-beat band from Jamtland County, Sweden.
“Jikeidan,” comes in with both guns barrelling. The riffs are snarling monsters, the vocals are biting and roaring. “Syuugeki,” another song that delivers on the full frontal assault, pounding away with both guns snorting. “Shinryaku Kitareri,” another pounding machine of a song that delivers bouts of aggression and mixed tempos. “Fukurokuji,” another song that delves into the head pounding riff based territory. “Daigyakusatsu,” a snarling grit infested monster. “Jikangire,” another song that weaves itself between the folds. A pounding bass line and some seriously catchy melodies thrown in for good measure. “Fukusyuu,” a song that delves into the ground and delivers some fascinatingly heavy pounding grooves. “Youshanaki Satsuriku,” a song filled with grooves and balance, ensuring the change continues apace. “Arashi No Me,” another song that weaves its way through the line, dancing all the while and snarling in turn. “Shi Ni Itarumade,” snarling and dancing, pounding the shit out of the listener’s ears.
A1 自警団 (Jikeidan)
A2 襲撃 (Syuugeki)
A3 侵略来たれり (Shinryaku Kitareri)
A4 袋小路 (Fukurokouji)
A5 大虐殺 (Daigyakusatsu)
B1 時間切れ (Jikangire)
B2 復讐 (Fukusyuu)
B3 容赦無き殺戮 (Youshanaki Satsuriku)
B4 嵐の目 (Arashi No Me)
B5 死に至るまで (Shi Ni Itarumade)