Friday, 1 April 2016

Cave State - Manferior - 7" colour vinyl.

Cave State - Manferior - 7" colour vinyl.
RESTOCKS - with new colours - purple/blue/green brown/purple blue/brown green vinyl - complete your set here

Fast power violence that Southern California is known for, . of Spazz and Crossed Out. No frills, just fast hardcore. Limited preorder of 100 available now!
A1 Scarce 
A2 Tyrant 
A3 Manferior 
A4 Troglodyte 
A5 Disfigure Of Speech 
B1 Primitivo 
B2 Satisfy The Butcher 
B3 Humiliate 
B4 Use / Repeat

Terminal Nation - Self-Titled - 7" coloured vinyl.

Terminal Nation - Self-Titled - 7" coloured vinyl.
RESTOCKS - new limited colours - complete your set here
Terminal Nation - Self-Titled 7" 6 x different colour vinyl.
HARDCORE. Hardcore with heavy breakdowns… fans of WEEKEND NACHOS and LACK OF INTEREST will be pleased. TERMINAL NATION are a hardcore band from Arkansas who combine the spirit of NYHC bands like CITIZENS ARREST and SHEER TERROR with the relentlessness of power-violence. This unique concoction of hardcore makes their 7” called "waste" a force to be reckoned with. The 8 song 7" is chock full of disgruntled aggression that bellows out of every pore of the record.
A1 Absent
A2 Waste
A3 Wolves
A4 Employee Of The Month
A5 Cop Drop
B1 Pre-existing Condition
B2 Freddy's Revenge
B3 Life Suck
B4 Terminal Stomp