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Offenders - Endless Struggle/ We Must Rebel/ I Hate Myself -2xLP colour vinyl

Offenders - Endless Struggle/ We Must Rebel/ I Hate Myself -2xLP colour vinyl - red and blue
The OFFENDERS were formed in 1978 in Killeen, and after relocating to Austin in 1980, became known worldwide as one of the premiere hardcore bands out of the Lone Star state. Raw and rabid but more than proficient in the delivery of their musical rebellion -- alongside friends and scenemates D.R.I. and M.D.C. -- OFFENDERS completely ruled the hardcore scene throughout the infamous Reagan-era. Southern Lord is honored to present all the band's official recordings harnessed in a weighty 2xLP collection, with the audio fully boosted for this release courtesy of Audiosiege. Confirmed for parole on March 18th, the reissue features the band's two full-length albums -- Endless Struggle and We Must Rebel, as well as the I Hate Myself / Bad Times 7" -- fitted to two 180-gram slabs of black wax, housed in a gatefold jacket with the original covers and inserts faithfully replicated. Preorders can be placed HERE.
Over recent years, two of the original OFFENDERS - guitarist Anthony Johnson and bassist Mikey Offender -- have passed away, making these reborn recordings a tribute to the fallen brothers from surviving members, drummer Pat Doyle and vocalist JJ Jacobson. In honor of the band's legacy, Doyle and Jacobson have recruited Jeff Martin (Buzzcrusher) on guitar and Craig Merritt (World Burns to Death) on bass, and have already booked a March performance celebrating re-release of their works. More shows are being confirmed with the rebuilt lineup and will be announced in the weeks ahead.
Anthony Johnson, a.k.a. Tony Offender, was a founding member of the OFFENDERS. Inspired by the hardest rock the '70s offered, Tony took it to the next level with his high-speed style of shredding on the guitar. Following the disbanding of the OFFENDERS in 1986, Tony continued to play in bands until until he lost a long battle to lung cancer in 2012. Tony was also a dedicated Civil War re-enactor and member of Sons of Confederate Veterans, Past Commander of Camp #59.
Rickenbacker-raging Mikey "Offender" Donaldson and also performed with MDC regularly in the early 80s, in addition to laying down the bass on MDC's Millions of Dead Cops and DRI's Dealing With It. After the demise of the OFFENDERS, Mikey relocated to San Francisco to play and record with Gary Floyd (Dicks) in Sister Double Happiness, and in recent years recorded with MDC again, among other live and studio actions. He died in his sleep from unknown causes in a Barcelona squat in 2007.
JJ Jacobson performed with M.D.C. and provided vocals for their seminal Millions Of Dead Cops LP. Pat Doyle continues to lay down percussive havoc with Austin metallurgists, Ignitor.

Endless Struggle:
Side A 1. You Got a Right 2. Face Down In The Dirt 3. Victory 4. On The Crooked Edge 5. Impact
6. Endless Struggle Side
Side B 1. Coming Down 2. Get Mad 3. Inside The Middle 4. Trials and Tribulations 5. Do Or Die 6. When
Push Comes To Shove 7. You Keep Me Hanging On
We Must Rebel:
Side A 1. Fight Back 2. No Chance 3. Like Father/Like Son 4. Just For Fun 5. We Must Rebel
6. Never Cared
Side B 1. Direct Defiance 2. Wanted By Authority 3. New Militia 4. Youth Riot
5. I Hate Myself (7” version) 6. Bad Times (7” version)

BL'AST – Blood - LP orange vinyl

BL'AST – Blood! LP  limited Orange vinyl (Exclusive European) - gatefold cover.
Earlier this year BL’AST! guitarist, Mike Neider contacted Southern Lord with news that he had found some mysterious old BL’AST! master tapes in a abandoned storage locker. Greg Anderson, fanatical about BL’AST!, wasted no time in sending the tapes to a studio to be baked. Needless to say, after 25 years gathering dust, the quality had deteriorated. Even when the tapes had been baked, nobody could have anticipated what would follow. With the tapes baked and audio digitised, Southern Lord contacted long time BL’AST! fiend, Dave Grohl about mixing this recording, his response was an enthusiastic “FUCK YEAH!, LETS DO THIS”!
Whilst inside Grohl’s famous 606 Studios (and with the Neve console as featured in the recent Grohl produced documentary ’Sound City’) a remarkable discovery was made – a completely unheard, unreleased BL’AST! recording session from the mid–80s. The lineup of the band at the time of the recording included second guitarist William Duvall (from Neon Christ & interestingly now the vocalist for Alice In Chains) who had moved from his hometown of Atlanta out to Santa Cruz on a tip from mutual friends, Corrosion of Conformity to join the band. Unfortunately his tenure with BL’AST! was short–lived and no recordings from that lineup were ever released.
From the thunderous bass intro of “Only Time Will Tell” to the apocalyptic warnings of “Its In My Blood” the album completely rips and rages from start to finish. All parties involved were completely amazed at how vibrant, unique and new the material sounded. All things considered, it is miraculous that this record survived it’s journey and that everyone who was involved in bringing this recording to life, could be. Everything fell into place, when it could have easily crumbled along the way. This record is a time capsule that is meant to be heard!

Only Time Will Tell
Winding Down
Look Into Myself
Your Eyes
Something Beyond
It's In My Blood
Companies etc…

Mixed At – Studio 606 West
Copyright (c) – Southern Lord Recordings

Bass – Dave Cooper (3)
Design – Samantha Muljat
Drums – Bill Torgerson
Guitar – Mike Neider
Guitar – William Duvall
Mastered By – Brad Boatright
Mixed By – Bl'ast
Mixed By – Dave Grohl
Mixed By – Greg Anderson
Mixed By – John Lousteau
Photography, Design – Samantha Muljat
Producer – Bl'ast
Recorded By – Ken Kraft
Vocals – Clifford Dinsmore
Recorded in Santa Cruz, California Mixed in Northridge, California 2013