Thursday, 5 January 2017

Weekend Nachos - Still - LP Lilac vinyl.

Weekend Nachos - Still - LP Lilac vinyl.
Limited to 100 mailorder only on lilac wax - Deep Six Records #207 - available here -…/stream-weekend-nachos-s-…/
Crushing, downtuned power violence and brick wall leveling sludge…. So fucking good!
Weekend Nachos, the band you either love or hate, return with their 4th full-length album. On the "STILL" LP we see the band get even heavier while still finding ways to blend new influences into their unique mix of brutal hardcore. There is truly something for everything on this album. 12 new tracks of hatred that are sure to prove why Weekend Nachos haven't stopped antagonizing the hardcore scene. On their fourth full-length outing, Weekend Nachos return to unleash another torrent of hatred and sonic destruction upon unsuspecting ears with Still. In full command of their astonishingly tight combination of grind, power-violence, and sludge, the disarmingly monikered Chicagoans absolutely pummel listeners with their relentless pace and brutal tone. While the album is an exercise in relentless fury, it seldom feels chaotic, which -- given the kinds of hardcore insanity they're cobbling together here -- is a minor miracle. All told, Still is a hulking beast of an album that wants nothing more than to spend 20 or so minutes taking out its many, many issues on you, but those brave souls with the fortitude to make it through the ordeal alive will definitely want to go back for more. ~ Gregory Heaney
A1 Sickened No More
A2 No Idols And No Heroes
A3 S.C.A.B.
A4 Satan Sucker
A5 Late Night Walks
A6 Watch You Suffer
B1 Wolves
B2 You're Not Punk
B3 Ignore
B4 Yes Way
B5 Broken Mirror
B6 Still.

Bastard Noise "Doomed Expedition" 2xLP.

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The long awaited Live At No Fun Fest 2009, three sided double LP, BASTARD NOISE : Doomed Expedition recorded at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York by CHRIS GOUDREAU of Sickness. Doomed Expedition reflects the strength and confidence of a unit seasoned in its' compositional direction and accuracy. Immaculate fidelity and a precision mix only add to the "sound journey". Doomed Expedition features material from Rogue Astronaut, plus an exclusive, never before released composition in nearly 50 minutes of playing time. Package includes a double-sided full-color poster, full-color labels on virgin black vinyl, large 4"x5" vinyl sticker and limited edition Doomed Expedition REESE FOWLER badge. Limited edition of 400 copies.

God's America - Merge With The Infinite - Worthless In Death - LP colour vinyl.

God's America - Merge With The Infinite - Worthless In Death - LP colour vinyl.
NEW COLOUR - green marbled vinyl.
USA version, very limited stock available here
GOD'S AMERICA from Las Vegas, NV bursts out brutal power-violence/grindcore mix with slow parts. they have obviously been influenced by the best bands of the genre Crossed Out, Infest, and Spazz. This is the first full length as follow up on the raging 10 song 7" on Baltimore’s awesome A389 Records and split 7"
A1 Apathetic Leash II
A2 Nothing At All
A3 Throes
A4 Pallation Of Life Abuse
A5 Sinkhole
A6 Keep Waiting
A7 A Minced Oath
A8 Pete Rose
A9 Famine In Uganda
A10 No
A11 Recent Studies
A12 Worthless In Deth
A13 4.2/1.8
B1 Extinction
B2 Trapped In The Gears
B3 Repeating
B4 Decomposition
B5 Charred Remains
B6 Wilderness Of Shitheads
B7 Perpetrate/Regurgitate
B8 Das Heilige
B9 Regression
B10 Japan Name Song
B11 Acceptance
B12 Quietus