Saturday, 14 July 2012

Slugz- Empty Space - 7" lime green vinyl

Slugz- Empty Space - 7" ltd lime green vinyl/50

Limited to 50 copies only on lime green vinyl.
Empty Space/The Hourglass/Full Time Nothing
A band I always reccomend to smart punks with a good sense of taste, Slugz were a band I caught the name of either on fliers for a bit of time online or fliers I'd randomly get from VA friends but never heard em' until I got the 'Suit and Tie' EP last year off Sam and had my mind blown. Pefect blend (to these ears) of late 70's punk, 1980-81 HC, garage punk/rock and rockin' riffs. Plus to make it a bit different from the rest, vocalist Sam (Sam is also the name of their guitarist, who you may know best from Got Myself zine infamy!) is intense as it gets, screaming and howling and its very non traditional for this style of punk but it totally works! I can't try and sell you anymore on this, this is truly solid stuff from a bunch of talented youths. 1st 50 copies are on Opaque/Clear blend of SLIME LIME GREEN wax! I think the color wax looks amazing, see for yourself! Expect more SLUGZ material from me in the future.

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The NARCS - Long Hot Summer - 7" blue vinyl

The NARCS - Long Hot Summer EP - 7" blue vinyl/50
First press on blue vinyl limited to 50 copies only
Long Hot Summer/High Robot/Rat Bone/Mobile Jail/R.O.T Blood/Slime
I look at this one as the sleeper of the new ones. This is the NARCS 2nd EP and their finest hour to date. Rotcore's best love to get high sleeze punk goons featuring the loveable Mattitude (who also shares time in School Jerks). I believe its more mind blowing than the 1st one though really, sure lyrically it is more absurd but musically its so much louder, raw in a good non trendy way and better in every department and the recording is not flat with a 'vocals recorded under water' feel to it. I like lo fi sounding recordings as much as the next guy but I had my gripes about the 1st EP despite loving it to tears. Covers were made a little too small as they're just a little above size to the 7'' itself but its kind of cool that way. 1st 50 are on BLUE vinyl too!

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