Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Brown Sugar- Luvly EP - 7"

Limited to 60 copies only worldwide on maroon/magenta vinyl
Here's the Buffalo band's latest material and this is also some of their strongest output. Musically it sounds like it could have bridged the gap between the Deportation EP and the Birds/Racism LP, SERIOUSLY. I'd rank this as my 2nd fave release by the guys. It's as punk as the 1st 7'' but as weird as the LP at the same time. I really don't know what else to tell you here, if you are already aware of this band and as into them as much as I am I don't need to sell you on this. No insert was made by the band so please don't ask about it because I can't help you. Printed on reverse covers (can't say board as its not an LP cover) so the gloss is on the inside and the unfinished side is what was printed on of course. Yeah, there's limited COLOR wax for the early birds/nerd scum. A Maroonish MAGENTA is what was made here, I will have about 60 copies to offer so act fast if you want one. - Nick Sick Cowabunga Records.

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Sweet Tooth- Blister Music - 7" flexi EP

Limited to 100 only world wide on red vinyl
Okay, so where this is a format I never wanted to do due to personal issues I have with flexis, I do oblige by a band's wishes. It was this or maybe a 1 sided 7'' and felt less dirty with this option. This was recorded a year ago and took a long time to come out on both ends, but it finally made it! I actually prefer this short record (3 minutes) most of all from the Toof as its short, nasty and sweet- no pun intended. And as far as a flexi recording sound goes, this works pretty good and actually sounds good for a flexi. All a matter of opinion of course. Comes in a regular cardstock foldover cover and even has an insert,, so its treated like a regular release and not just a flexi in a polybag. And there's even a COLOR option here- RED or BLACK. Red is more limited of course to 100, so please specify. This is a 1 time press of 400 flexis and not small pressed as a gimmick, just seemed right to not overdo it. - Nick Sick Cowabunga Records.

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