Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cülo ‎– Life Is Vile... And So Are We - LP

first press PINK VINYL - ‘Life is vile … and so are we’ compiles CULO’s three sold out 7”s (Nuke Abuse, Military Trend, and Toxic Vision) plus nine bonus tracks from the same recording sessions which were previously only available on limited tape releases or not at all. Total piss and vinegar hardcore delivered at high velocity and at no expense to catchy riffing. This is a hardcore punk monster and absolutely mandatory! Limited opaque pink vinyl. 100 made. Includes insert, poster and digital download coupon.
Toxic Vision 7" A1 Brain Cavity A2 Wasted On Wine A3 Neighboorhood Watch A4 Death Cülture A5 Toxic Vision
Military Trend 7"A6 I Don't Like Today A7 Shooting Glüe A8 Military Trend A9 Don't Care Part ll
Nuke Abuse 7" B1 Nüke Abüse B2 Walk Into Work/Shock Troops B3 Bad Head B4 Life's A Drag B5 No Drive B6 Kill The Pain B7 I'm A Mütant B8 Sübürban Vermin B9 Black Livers B10 Make Me Straight B11 Padded Hell B12 Solanüm Süicide B13 Hüman Progress B14 U.T.B. B15 I Used To Be The Shit B16 Hüman Wreck.

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