Wednesday, 6 March 2019

CRIATURAS - La Oscuriad Continua - CD Japan tour.

CRIATURAS - La Oscuriad Continua - CD Japan tour.
Pre-order, Japan only tour CD released March 5th for their CRIATURAS - RUIDO ANTI SOCIAL JAPAN TOUR 2019 - 3/30. pre-order here -
Formed in 2010 Texas FEMALE VOCAL SUPER HARDCORE PUNK BAND, CRIATURAS finally arrives in Japan at the end of March, 2019! ! 
This CD which was made for their tour and contains a total of 18 songs selected by members of the band from the songs recorded on the LP and two unreleased songs. CRIATURAS has past members of punk / hardcore bands such as KURRAKA, VAASKA, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, J CHURCH, DESKONOCIDOS, SIGNAL LOST, THE IMPALERS, POWER TRIP, etc ... It is easy to imagine that it is a monster class hardcore punk band!
- Song List -
01 Criaturas
02 Los Elijidos
03 Oscuridad Eterna
04 Flores en La Tumba
05 Ahi Viene La Muerte
06 Quemado en La Hoguera
07 Pesadilllas
08 Despierta
09 Lobos en la Noche
10 Libertad o Muerte
11 Anti-Autoridad
12 Opresion
13 Miedo
14 Cuatro Anos
15 Aranas
16 Sombras Ocultas
17 Protesta y Sobrevive
18 Nuevo Orden Mundial