Monday, 19 May 2014

Extortion - Degenerate - LP white/blk vinyl /100

Extortion - Degrenerate - LP - mailorder only ltd white/black swirls vinyl 
This is it! The best EXTORTION record! Their first full length, finally available again through DEEP SIX RECORDS. This is a masterpiece of modern powerviolence and in my opinion on of the best Australian hardcore LPs of all time. Don't miss out on it this time round! Absolutely Essential!

Extortion is a Hardcore Punk band from Perth, Western Australia. I absolutely love the vocals. if you like bands like Siege, Infest, Crossed Out, Negative fx, Poison Idea, Nailed Down, Dwarves, No Comment, then this band is for you. 

A1 Arson
A2 Lose Control
A3 The Beginning Of The End
A4 Get Fucked
A5 Degenerate
A6 Life Under Lies
A7 The Rising Tide
A8 No Such Luck
A9 Overwhelmed
A10 Curb Crawl
B1 I Got Mine
B2 Deluded
B3 4 Outta 5
B4 Windows
B5 Manhunt
B6 Maniac
B7 Ramirez
B8 Messed Up

Man Is The Bastard - Backwards Species - 7" orange/purple vinyl

Charred Remains A.K.A. Man Is The Bastard ‎– Backwards Species - reissue on Deep Six Records.

limited edition on clear orange or purple/grey

 In 1992, Charred Remains AKA Man Is The Bastard agreed to do a 7" release with German label Ecocentric Records and delivered "Backwards Species," a seven-song "skull powder-keg" of exploratory, progressive aggression that is still heralded today as one of M.I.T.B.'s most memorable sound offerings. Packed with complex, dual bass guitars, frying pan six-string axe work, incredibly diverse drumming, and loyal, heartfelt lyrics/vocals, the record was nearly gone immediately after its release. It has now been re-issued under "skull authority" by Deep Six Records in all its awareness-based glory.

A1 Ether Rag (Permanent Smile)
A2 Stocks
A3 Blood Gutter
B1 Heretic's Fork
B2 Koro Treatment
B3 Justice Is Swift (Jack)
B4 Poacher - this instrumental piece was initially not listed anywhere on the original insert for this release.