Friday, 27 June 2014

DISTORTION FAITH Vol.1 Compilation Cassette

Close to 30 minutes of raging hardcore punk from around the world. All new and, apart from one song, all unreleased stuff from SNØB (4 tracks, Canada), WARCHILD (3 tracks, Sweden), BLOODSUCKERS (2 tracks, Russia), KAFKA (2 tracks, Japan), KOHTI TUHOA (2 tracks, Finland) and PARANOID (3 tracks, Sweden). A4 (full-size) fold-out cover that includes info from all the bands. 250 pro-printed cassettes made.
Side A: 
Paranoid Delusions 
Not on My Street 
Climb Inside
No End in Sight 
Lost Generation 
Never Alive
War in My Head 
My Life is Cheap Trip
Side B: 
Genjitsu Touhi 
Velka Maksat Kuitenkin 
Maan Tapa

Monday, 23 June 2014

Weekend Nachos - Unforgivable - LP green vinyl /100

Weekend Nachos - Unforgivable - LP very limited green/white marble vinyl/100

Weekend Nachos feature members of Harms Way and are once again mixing the powerviolence of Infest and Crossed Out with burly metallic guitars and masterful riffage, totaling twelve tracks on "Unforgivable."
Brutal as FUCK 2nd LP from my fave Chicago band. The band is now back with Andrew who was their guitarist on the 'Torture' EP but don't think for a second the band has reverted back to the sounds of that record. On this 2nd full length record the band still has some of that unique mix of NYHC, YOT and Infest sound as shown on the Punish LP but it also incorporates a bit more HHIG, Tragedy and Deathside influence of hardcore creating almost melodic angry hardcore tunes here but they also continue to add the influence of deeper and heavier hardcore to their sound that they'd previously hinted at in their evil blend of hardcore. There's even this early Hatebreed and Blood For Blood sound but fear not for where they got that sound down a little, there's more semblance lyrically to those bands. This is the most HATEFUL material the band has done to date and I've never in my life seen a band continue to write such angry and despising lyrics like this and to actually make them more pointed and just get better in time astounds me. The tracks off the This Comp Kills Fascists were already in the red but this really takes it. Basically John hates all of us and you have to accept that. This was one of 2009's best hands down and if you like hate filled hardcore and constantly feel like taking out someone, living a life that's constantly weighed you down by constant shit this LP is for you. Just buy the record already. Nicksick.

1. 2009 
2. Elevated Tracks 
3. Unholy Victory 
4. Pain Over Acceptance 
5. A Few Blocks South 
6. Balance Of Power 
7. Nights 
8. Rejected Psychopath 
9. Shot In The Head 
10. First To Burn 
11. Reason To Die 
12. Unforgivable

Nausea-Condemned To The System-LP ltd colour vinyl

NAUSEA  "Condemned To The System" LP - ltd red/white vinyl mailorder only. 
So fucking good! D-beat at its best crossbred with grind and crust and just a tinge of metal. I have tried to stop listening to this every day since I got it and I can’t.
Los Angeles' Nausea, spearheaded by guitarist / vocalist Oscar Garcia, along with their sister band, Terrorizer (which also featured Garcia) helped define the Grindcore genre in the late 1980s. Now Garcia, along with long-time partner in crime Eric Castro (Majesty) have been joined by two new members: Bassist Alejandro CB (Pounder, Chemical Bitches) and guitarist Leon del Muerte (Murder Construct, ex-Exhumed, Phobia, Impaled, Intronaut) to unleash a ferocious new full-length album via Deep Six LP Willowtip Records on CD: “Condemned To The System”. The album was recorded by Sean Vahle, (DIS, Phobia, Exhumed, Murder Construct, Intronaut) and mixed/mastered by Alejandro Corredor (Inquisition, Exhumed, Enslaved). The new album will feature a slew of new grinders like “…And We Suffer” and “Hate and Deception”, alongside vintage and unreleased tracks like “Falsely Accused” and “Does God Need Help?”. The band has been very active in the live arena for the past 3 years, performing at the Maryland Death Fest, Power of the Riff Fest, shows alongside Repulsion, Nails, Nasum, and most recently a European Tour that included a headlining spot at Bloodshed Fest in Holland, Hell Inside Fest, and Dresden Metal Fest in Germany. Next year the band is scheduled to play Mexico and Europe again. SPECIAL PREORDER on color wax.
1. Freedom Of Religion
2. Does God Need Help?
3. World Left In Confinement
4. Cries Of Pain
5. Hate & Deception
6. Corporation Pull-In
7. Fuck The World
8. Falsely Accused
9. Condemn Big Business
10. And We Suffer
11. Absence Of War

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Brottskod 11 - Demokratisk Kontroll - LP



Raw and aggressive d-beat from Sweden, members from Warvictims, do you need some more descriptions? Pure käng attack from cold north. Eleven poisoned bullets in the vein of classic scandinavian hardcore like Anti-Cimex, old Skitsystem or Crude SS.

Brottskod 11 is a d-beat band from Östersund, Sweden. The
classic Swedish d-beat / hardcore, like Anti-Cimex, Avskum, Disarm, Shitlickers, Totalitär, etc. However, Brottskod 11 has a considerably more raging and heavier sound, highly comparable to Uncurbed, Dischange / Meanwhile and other mid-late nineties Swedish d-beat. Brottskod 11 members are also in: WARVICTIMS, ELECTRIC FUNERAL, DESPERAT, TOTALT JÄLVA MÖRKER.

Passiv Dödshjälp / Achilles split LP

Crust core split. Both band coming from Sweden. Passiv Dödshjälp (Gävle) with their recording which reminds you their early years. Aggressive and straight crust core attack vs. Achilles (Stockholm) with their mix of hardcore and crust like old good End Of All. Excellent split with great example of current swedish crust / metal scene.


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Countdown To Armageddon - Eater of Worlds LP - red vinyl

Found a few in a box from 2010 - factory sealed - £4.99

Five years since their s/t 7” on Aborted Society, COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON return with their first full-length release, Eater of Worlds. Based in Seattle, WA, CTA took a long hiatus following West Coast and US tours, and returned in 2008 to write new material. Dark, atmospheric crust with heavy post-punk/darkwave undertones, this is an 8-song 45RPM 12” vinyl release with a free download card for MP3 versions. Influences on Eater of Worlds range from TOTALITÄR to KILLING JOKE, while remaining unique and cohesive. Members of current and former projects such as: MEISCE, BOOK OF BLACK EARTH, CITY OF DUST, PHALANX, CLUSTERFUX, THE FACET. Recorded by Stan Wright at Buzz or Howl Studios in Portland, OR. 500 copies on red vinyl.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Violent Party - Poison Mixers - 12"

Violent Party was formed in the summer of 2010. The band is named after the old Japanese label that released bands like Gai, Confuse, and Gess in the early/mid 1980's.
Violent Party is a hardcorepunk band that began during 2010 in Lynchburg, Virginia. The band currently resides in Portland, Oregon.
Co-released with KONTON CRASHER RECORDS from USA!
8 tracks of distorted chaos punk from VIOLENT PARTY.
This is the bands 4th release after 3 previous 7" EP's and is their first full length 12". This is undoubtedly the bands best material to date and unleashes a wave of sonic hate drenched hardcore to the unsuspecting listener.
Drawing influence from Japanese noise punks CONFUSE and STAGNATION in both style and intensity, this is the musical equivalent of electro-shock treatment!
300 copies pressed on black vinyl, split between both labels each side of the pond.
Comes with lyric insert.

V/A - A Roar Of Indignation - LP

International Hardcore Compilation LP. 'A ROAR OF INDIGNATION'
"This international compilation is excellent! It is exciting and the songs are urgent. Every single one of them is a roar of indignation. All contemporary. All here and now. Nothing retro or rehashed. All fresh, great and powerful. D-Beat, Crust, Raw Punk and related sounds that work very well together and want me to hear more from every band. Many of them already have their own singles and LPs. 
This compilation preserves the diverse individual sound, sound quality and volume of every song recorded at various studios around the world which adds to the already cool presentation. All killer, no filler. Extremely well done. There are comps from a different time, place and different musical styles that evoked similar feelings, including "Peace", "What doesn't hurt us makes us stronger", "Not so quiet on the Western Front", "Eye of the Thrash Guerrilla", "Konton Damaging Ear Massacre" and "Yotsuva". 
Roar of indignation comes with an awesome well done booklet and great sleeve artwork.
Highly recommended!" 22 bands from 12 different countries featuring:
Sex Dwarf (Sweden) / Napalm Raid (Canada) / Frenzy (USA) / Selvforakt (Norway / Brazil) / Sub Alert (Sweden) / Kylma Sota (Finland) Strange Factory (Japan) / Homicide (Brazil) / Warvictims (Sweden) / Infernoh (Sweden) / Violent Party (USA) / Leprosy (Australia) / Vaarallinen (Singapore) / Gutter (Greece) 
Sistemas de Aniquilacion (Peru) / Rappa (Japan) Dirty Wombs (Greece) / Corbata (Japan) / Proxy (Canada) / Truncheons (Canada) / Systematik (Canada) / Kvoteringen (Sweden)


14 track split 12" 

From Brazilian D-Beat veterans BESTHOVEN and Barcelona raw Punks FINAL SLUM WAR.

Raw and aggressive hardcore punk release.

Comes with double sided lyric inner.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Scumraid - Out Of Order -7" EP

Another superb 7" from my mate Jocke's cult label D-TAKT & RÅPUNK

Distorted raw punk madness straight outta Seoul, South Korea - pulsating crust hardcore punk similar to Gloom / Disclose - great follow up to their sold out demo cassette.

Tsar-Bomba 01:04
Killing Without Weapon 00:59
Propaganda 01:10
슬픔 (Sadness) 01:12
Scar 01:03
중독 (Addiction) 01:25
Out of Order 03:04

Monday, 9 June 2014

偏執症者(Paranoid)-Destroy Future Less System 5 Track E.P.

Northern Winds of Brutal Hell Mangel - Total D-beat hardcore from Sweden.  

400 Green vinyl(various shades), pocket sleeve, printed inner sleeve, sticker.  

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Offenders - Endless Struggle/ We Must Rebel/ I Hate Myself -2xLP colour vinyl

Offenders - Endless Struggle/ We Must Rebel/ I Hate Myself -2xLP colour vinyl - red and blue
The OFFENDERS were formed in 1978 in Killeen, and after relocating to Austin in 1980, became known worldwide as one of the premiere hardcore bands out of the Lone Star state. Raw and rabid but more than proficient in the delivery of their musical rebellion -- alongside friends and scenemates D.R.I. and M.D.C. -- OFFENDERS completely ruled the hardcore scene throughout the infamous Reagan-era. Southern Lord is honored to present all the band's official recordings harnessed in a weighty 2xLP collection, with the audio fully boosted for this release courtesy of Audiosiege. Confirmed for parole on March 18th, the reissue features the band's two full-length albums -- Endless Struggle and We Must Rebel, as well as the I Hate Myself / Bad Times 7" -- fitted to two 180-gram slabs of black wax, housed in a gatefold jacket with the original covers and inserts faithfully replicated. Preorders can be placed HERE.
Over recent years, two of the original OFFENDERS - guitarist Anthony Johnson and bassist Mikey Offender -- have passed away, making these reborn recordings a tribute to the fallen brothers from surviving members, drummer Pat Doyle and vocalist JJ Jacobson. In honor of the band's legacy, Doyle and Jacobson have recruited Jeff Martin (Buzzcrusher) on guitar and Craig Merritt (World Burns to Death) on bass, and have already booked a March performance celebrating re-release of their works. More shows are being confirmed with the rebuilt lineup and will be announced in the weeks ahead.
Anthony Johnson, a.k.a. Tony Offender, was a founding member of the OFFENDERS. Inspired by the hardest rock the '70s offered, Tony took it to the next level with his high-speed style of shredding on the guitar. Following the disbanding of the OFFENDERS in 1986, Tony continued to play in bands until until he lost a long battle to lung cancer in 2012. Tony was also a dedicated Civil War re-enactor and member of Sons of Confederate Veterans, Past Commander of Camp #59.
Rickenbacker-raging Mikey "Offender" Donaldson and also performed with MDC regularly in the early 80s, in addition to laying down the bass on MDC's Millions of Dead Cops and DRI's Dealing With It. After the demise of the OFFENDERS, Mikey relocated to San Francisco to play and record with Gary Floyd (Dicks) in Sister Double Happiness, and in recent years recorded with MDC again, among other live and studio actions. He died in his sleep from unknown causes in a Barcelona squat in 2007.
JJ Jacobson performed with M.D.C. and provided vocals for their seminal Millions Of Dead Cops LP. Pat Doyle continues to lay down percussive havoc with Austin metallurgists, Ignitor.

Endless Struggle:
Side A 1. You Got a Right 2. Face Down In The Dirt 3. Victory 4. On The Crooked Edge 5. Impact
6. Endless Struggle Side
Side B 1. Coming Down 2. Get Mad 3. Inside The Middle 4. Trials and Tribulations 5. Do Or Die 6. When
Push Comes To Shove 7. You Keep Me Hanging On
We Must Rebel:
Side A 1. Fight Back 2. No Chance 3. Like Father/Like Son 4. Just For Fun 5. We Must Rebel
6. Never Cared
Side B 1. Direct Defiance 2. Wanted By Authority 3. New Militia 4. Youth Riot
5. I Hate Myself (7” version) 6. Bad Times (7” version)

BL'AST – Blood - LP orange vinyl

BL'AST – Blood! LP  limited Orange vinyl (Exclusive European) - gatefold cover.
Earlier this year BL’AST! guitarist, Mike Neider contacted Southern Lord with news that he had found some mysterious old BL’AST! master tapes in a abandoned storage locker. Greg Anderson, fanatical about BL’AST!, wasted no time in sending the tapes to a studio to be baked. Needless to say, after 25 years gathering dust, the quality had deteriorated. Even when the tapes had been baked, nobody could have anticipated what would follow. With the tapes baked and audio digitised, Southern Lord contacted long time BL’AST! fiend, Dave Grohl about mixing this recording, his response was an enthusiastic “FUCK YEAH!, LETS DO THIS”!
Whilst inside Grohl’s famous 606 Studios (and with the Neve console as featured in the recent Grohl produced documentary ’Sound City’) a remarkable discovery was made – a completely unheard, unreleased BL’AST! recording session from the mid–80s. The lineup of the band at the time of the recording included second guitarist William Duvall (from Neon Christ & interestingly now the vocalist for Alice In Chains) who had moved from his hometown of Atlanta out to Santa Cruz on a tip from mutual friends, Corrosion of Conformity to join the band. Unfortunately his tenure with BL’AST! was short–lived and no recordings from that lineup were ever released.
From the thunderous bass intro of “Only Time Will Tell” to the apocalyptic warnings of “Its In My Blood” the album completely rips and rages from start to finish. All parties involved were completely amazed at how vibrant, unique and new the material sounded. All things considered, it is miraculous that this record survived it’s journey and that everyone who was involved in bringing this recording to life, could be. Everything fell into place, when it could have easily crumbled along the way. This record is a time capsule that is meant to be heard!

Only Time Will Tell
Winding Down
Look Into Myself
Your Eyes
Something Beyond
It's In My Blood
Companies etc…

Mixed At – Studio 606 West
Copyright (c) – Southern Lord Recordings

Bass – Dave Cooper (3)
Design – Samantha Muljat
Drums – Bill Torgerson
Guitar – Mike Neider
Guitar – William Duvall
Mastered By – Brad Boatright
Mixed By – Bl'ast
Mixed By – Dave Grohl
Mixed By – Greg Anderson
Mixed By – John Lousteau
Photography, Design – Samantha Muljat
Producer – Bl'ast
Recorded By – Ken Kraft
Vocals – Clifford Dinsmore
Recorded in Santa Cruz, California Mixed in Northridge, California 2013

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Electric Funeral-Total Funeral - 2xLP colour vinyl

Limited edition "blood red"/ "beer piss" double-vinyl or black vinyl - PRE-ORDER - WILL BE HERE END OF THIS WEEK

"Total Funeral" compiles all cassettes, 7"s etc.. that Electric Funeral ever recorded.

Electric Funeral hail from Sweden, and is the one-man noise assault by Jocke of Warvictims, Paranoid, D-Beat Raw Punk label etc..) Total Discharge, Warcry, Disclose, Gloom, Framitd etc... etc.. WORSHIP. "Electric Funeral’s sound is a metallic wall of filthy distortion, full of dis-passion ..this is loud, dirty & raw without a doubt, but what makes them so killer is that they still retain this layer of blackened groove to their tunes, On every song, the guitars turn out distorted riffs of death.

* Harvester of Death 
A1. I Am the Dead 
A2. F.O.A.D 
A3. You’re Next 
A4. Scorched Earth 
A5. Haunted By Ghosts

* Make Noise Not War 
A6. Make Noise Not War 
A7. Up The Nature 
A8. Worldwide Genocide 
A9. Chemical Lobotomy 
A10. Where The Sun Never Shines 
A11. You Pray To Nothing

* Split w/ Go Filth Go Split 
B1. The Truth 
B2. War Is Hell 
B3. Shut Down

* D-Beat Noise Attack 
B4. Hellish Afterworld 
B5. End of All Life 
B6. Next Generation 
B7. Bomb Raid 
B8. D-Beat Noise Attack 
B9. Equal Slaves 
B10. Destroy and Rebuild 
B11. Fight Back

* The Face of War 
B12. The Face Of War

* Unreleased 
B13. Poisoned Mind 
B14. Never Obey

* Make A Change 
C1. War Face 
C2. Consuming Shit 
C3. Raped System 
C4. Selling Death 
C5. Make A Change 
C6. Nightmares 
C7. Human Error 
C8. Wake Up And React

* Gröndalen 
C9. Distortion of Sense 
C10. Winter In The North 
C11. No Masters, No Gods 
C12. Never Give Up 
C13. Killers 
C14. As The World Disappears 
C15. Crash The Pose 
C16. Raised On (Punk) Rock

* In League With Darkness 
D1. Realities of Hell 
D2. Terror, Pain and Sorrow 
D3. Stagnation Means Death 
D4. Die/Hate/Cry

* Order From Disorder 
D5. Void Of Life 
D6. Abandon By Hope 
D7. What Is Real? 
D8. Order From Disorder 
D9. Rewind/Erase 
D10. Queen (Among Angels)

* New Unreleased Tracks 
D11. Death March 
D12. Revenge