Saturday, 10 October 2015

HERIDA PROFUNDA / HELLBASTARD split picture LP screen print cover

HERIDA PROFUNDA / HELLBASTARD split picture LP screen print cover'
PRE-ORDER - HERE IN A FEW WEEKS - I have 3 copies only if you want to grab one here
This is one of the first 200 copies come with a special cover by Gravelord Artwork and screenprinted by Rozbrat Squat DIY Crew.

Hardcore / crust Herida Profunda from Poland against stenchcore legends Hellbastard!
Limited edition of 1000 copies.
800 copies regular picture vinyl (this).
200 copieS with extra silkscreened cover.
Every copy comes with a Band and Record Label Insert on 250g board and an exclusive DinA3 poster.
A1 –Herida Profunda Taniec Smierci
A2 –Herida Profunda Zjedz Zanim Zgnije
A3 –Herida Profunda 1312
A4 –Herida Profunda Ostatnia Chwila
A5 –Herida Profunda Cyrk
A6 –Herida Profunda Szmal
A7 –Herida Profunda Alerta 161
A8 –Herida Profunda Pulapka
A9 –Herida Profunda Hipokryzja
A10 –Herida Profunda You Suffer (Napalm Death - Hidden Track)
B1 –Hellbastard In praise Of Cats (Feat.Andy A-Droid Wiggins)
B2 –Hellbastard Engineering Human Consciousness...-(The Removal Of...)
B3 –Hellbastard Big Business Pighole
B4 –Hellbastard Going Postal
B5 –Hellbastard Wolfsong ... To The Dead ...